Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week of November 30 - December 6

Week of November 30 - December 6

November 30 (Monday) - PM: 8.3 miles - roads and trails w/ Andrew.
December 1 (Tuesday) - PM: 10.5 miles - roads in the freezing rain.
December 2 (Wednesday) - PM: 10.1 miles - roads in the rain and in the dark.
December 3 (Thursday) - PM: 10 miles - roads in the rain again.
December 4 (Friday) - PM: 8.1 miles - easy roads and trails.
December 5 (Saturday) - 5 miles - easy roads at night.
December 6 (Sunday) - 10.1 miles - roads and trails w/ BJ in Freedom/Effingham.

Weekly Summary: 62.1 miles for the week.  Felt like I did absolutely nothing all week so I'll take it.  Better than last week.

If you have access to a NH newsstand, you can pick up the latest issue of NH Magazine where there's a little article with another round of 'expert advice' from yours truly...this time around it's about snowshoe racing.  Take a peak here:

Also, this week was the voting for USATF NE Road GP for 2016.  The voting is actually open until December 8 if you haven't snuck in your hanging chads yet.  I'm really not sure how many of these I may do, but my voting for anyone who cares....after all I did pay my USATF fee for 2015 so I might as well use my vote.

Manchester Marathon – because I can’t do VCM as it’s the same day as Redhook which I plan on going to every year (even though I've missed it 3 damn years in a row).  I really want to do VCM and think it’s probably a better race, but the NH race is easier for me to get to, easier for me to train / be ready for.   Even though the history of a couple years ago was bad, I would want to go Manchester.  Also, VCM conflicts with Hollis 5k in the voting.

Lone Gull 10k – mainly because it fits my calendar.  Nothing else conflicting.  I heard Newton was a nightmare to get to last time.  Also, the Canton races are the same day as Bretton Woods (not that I’m doing the mountain series but I like to keep my options open).

Bobby Doyle – because it fits best for me and I haven’t done it.  Ribfest is the day after Washington.  End of Summer Classic is during the week.

Hollis 5k – because I don’t want a 5k in March (An Ras Mor 5k)…I'd rather race in southern NH than in the city…Canton races are same day as Bretton Woods…Bedford Rotary 12k is what I want to pick for wildcard so you can’t pick the Bedford 5k.  Also, I want to try to PR and Hollis is a good place to do that ;).

Bedford 12k – because it’s NH, doesn’t conflict w/ anything on my calendar, and I ran crappy twice there before. I want revenge.

NH 10 Miler – because it’s NH, doesn’t conflict w/ anything on my calendar.  I am not a fan of DH  Jones or Town & Country or Five Colleges or whatever the heck is called this year…  And I HATE February.

Middlebury Maple Half – I heard some good things about the race...I like VT....I like the prospect of having a half in May vs March.  However, NB gets it ever year so I am not holding my breath.  For some reason, everyone goes ape sh*t over NB which is definitely not my highlight place to race on the calendar year but I digress...

And to get you in the Grand Prix's a flash back to some of the glory days....the infamous 'blank jersey' race....James Joyce Ramble 10k in 2011 when we SMOKED Whirlaway by a whopping 4 seconds to take the team title.  We only needed 1 second but we made it look even worse with a 4 second shelling of the boys in red. 

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