Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week of December 14 - December 20

Week of December 14 - December 20

December 14 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles easy.  PM: 8.1 miles easy.
December 15 (Tuesday) - AM: 10 miles (1:02:43).
December 16 (Wednesday) - AM: 8.1 miles easy. 5 miles easy.
December 17 (Thursday) - PM: 13.2 miles. Hilly Madison/Conway loop in the pouring rain. Last bit w/ headlamp. (1:29:18)
December 18 (Friday) - PM: 12.7 miles.  Roads with Andy. First 8 steady/moderate and then last hilly part on dirt roads easy (after he started complaining).
December 19 (Saturday) - PM: 13.3 miles.  Easy snowmobile trails w/ Andy.
December 20 (Sunday) - AM: 5.1 miles before Tabby's party.

Weekly Summary: 80.5 miles for the week.  Nothing really to complain about other than the short days and the rain early on...but I'll take it over snow.

My firstborn turns 3 in a few days but we had her party on Sunday.  Good times w/ both sets of grandparents and my brother and sister and their families.  It was a packed house but my lovely wife pulled it off (the lovely and talented Kristin) once again...  The down side is that I probably gained a couple lbs today... But Tabby had a great time and got even MORE dolls and ponies... we didn't have enough I don't think (sarcasm).  5 more days and even more will be on the way...

I found a ton of coins this week on just one day hunting on a new permission... I found a 1914 wheat cent which ties my oldest wheat (I found one in my yard as one of the first coins I ever pulled this year).  Not bad considering the first wheat was 1909.... doesn't beat my 1885 Indian though...  I also found a pretty cool old (not sure how old) brass NH highway token and a Chuckie Cheeze token from 1997.  That doesn't seem old, but kids born in 1997 have started college this year, so maybe it is.  Also got stopped by the cops for the first time, who wanted to know if I had permission to do what I was doing... It's funny because first he asked me 'what' I was doing...then wanted to know if I had permission to do it.

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