Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week of December 21 - December 27

Week of December 21 - December 27

December 21 (Monday) - PM: 14.1 miles roads w/ Andy (1100 + ft. of climbing). Moderate/easy run.
December 22 (Tuesday) - PM: 3 miles grass.  Feels like I have another stress fracture happening in exactly the same spot but on the other leg.  Not good. Excruciating pain throughout the day but it was actually not too bad on the very easy run on the trails and grass.  Almost unbearable to the touch and right on the bone...strange it didn't bother me too much while running but was going very easy and on soft surface.
December 23 (Wednesday) - PM: 6.2 miles trails.  Kind of easy with Andy later in the day.  Both legs hurt pretty good but not like the stress fracture pain I was used to before.  Hopefully it's just shin splints or something else less severe.  Am going to take it easy this holiday week and try to not be derailed.
December 24 (Thursday) - PM: 7 miles on the roads relatively easy. Just watching the leg.  Slight issue but nothing too concerning.
December 25 (Friday) - Merry Christmas... family time.
December 26 (Saturday) - PM: 8 miles roads...low 6s which feels normal now which is good. Uptempo testing out the leg.  I think it's more calf/hamstring pulling tight on a spot or two...keeping an eye on it.
December 27 (Sunday) - Off. Leg too sore.  Really hit me hard today.  Was down in MA and was going to meet MQ but did a few rips up and down the road and the pain is eerily reminiscent of the stress fracture.  Not wanting to push it.  Probably need some time and this may be the perfect spot to put the breaks on for a week or so.

Weekly Summary: 38.4 miles for the week.  Obviously a down week w/ my other leg acting up.

On Christmas Eve day, I found a dozen coins in about an hour of swingin' including an 1873 Indian head which looks a lot rougher in the photo below than it actually is. It's not in as good of shape as the 1885 I found earlier this fall, but it's good for the oldest coin I have found up until now.  142 years under ground took it's toll.  The funny thing is that the year 1873 is the third most valuable penny ever minted (if it was in good shape).  It's funny that that is the year I found.  Unfortunately I'll never find a copper coin in good enough shape that comes out of the ground...unless it comes out of the ground in a box or chest.

1873 Indian.  The photo doesn't do it justice but the date is actually clear at the right angle. The rest of the coin is in pretty rough shape though...  
On Christmas Day I got to hunt Kristin's parent's place down in Pembroke, MA.  The house was built around 1750 and it makes my house look new... Very cool old place with a huge barn and a decent spread of property with some old stone walls and some varying terrain.  I found this pretty sweet old brass medal (maybe at one time it was on a ribbon) from Pembroke High School circa 1912.

 It was in perfect shape and in the middle of the front yard. The funny thing about it is that this is from the original Pembroke HS as there was no such thing anytime in recent memory...The current Pembroke High School was founded in 2004. Before that, (including the years my wife went to high school there) it was Silver Lake Regional High School. So this is definitely a cool find. I left it there with her parents so they could do some research and either keep it or give it to the historical society. The house has been in the family since the teens so this 'could' have been someone's who lived there in the family but we aren't sure. Other than that, I found a handful of clad coins, an old pocket knife, a bunch of cool old oil lamp parts, and a bunch of scrap metal. There's definitely some old stuff to be had there and I look forward to going back and spending more time there next time (next year sometime). I only did the grass area near the house so there's more swingin' to be done.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week of December 14 - December 20

Week of December 14 - December 20

December 14 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles easy.  PM: 8.1 miles easy.
December 15 (Tuesday) - AM: 10 miles (1:02:43).
December 16 (Wednesday) - AM: 8.1 miles easy. 5 miles easy.
December 17 (Thursday) - PM: 13.2 miles. Hilly Madison/Conway loop in the pouring rain. Last bit w/ headlamp. (1:29:18)
December 18 (Friday) - PM: 12.7 miles.  Roads with Andy. First 8 steady/moderate and then last hilly part on dirt roads easy (after he started complaining).
December 19 (Saturday) - PM: 13.3 miles.  Easy snowmobile trails w/ Andy.
December 20 (Sunday) - AM: 5.1 miles before Tabby's party.

Weekly Summary: 80.5 miles for the week.  Nothing really to complain about other than the short days and the rain early on...but I'll take it over snow.

My firstborn turns 3 in a few days but we had her party on Sunday.  Good times w/ both sets of grandparents and my brother and sister and their families.  It was a packed house but my lovely wife pulled it off (the lovely and talented Kristin) once again...  The down side is that I probably gained a couple lbs today... But Tabby had a great time and got even MORE dolls and ponies... we didn't have enough I don't think (sarcasm).  5 more days and even more will be on the way...

I found a ton of coins this week on just one day hunting on a new permission... I found a 1914 wheat cent which ties my oldest wheat (I found one in my yard as one of the first coins I ever pulled this year).  Not bad considering the first wheat was 1909.... doesn't beat my 1885 Indian though...  I also found a pretty cool old (not sure how old) brass NH highway token and a Chuckie Cheeze token from 1997.  That doesn't seem old, but kids born in 1997 have started college this year, so maybe it is.  Also got stopped by the cops for the first time, who wanted to know if I had permission to do what I was doing... It's funny because first he asked me 'what' I was doing...then wanted to know if I had permission to do it.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week of December 7 - December 13

Week of December 7 - December 13

December 7 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles - roads. PM: 10.7 miles - dirt roads/trails/mountain/whack with Andrew (2,038 feet of elevation today alone).
December 8 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles - roads very easy.  PM: 8.1 miles - roads/trails with Andy.
December 9 (Wednesday) - PM: 8.1 miles - dirt roads easy w/ Kristina and Kevin.
December 10 (Thursday) - AM: 5 miles - wet roads easy.  PM: 8.1 miles - wet roads.
December 11 (Friday) - PM: 6.1 miles - roads.  Snuck in between meetings.
December 12 (Saturday) - PM: 10.1 miles - trails moderate. Beautiful day.
December 13 (Sunday) - PM: 14.1 miles - roads (1:28:37).

Weekly Summary: 80.3 miles for the week (with 4580 ft of climbing).  Leg fracture area was acting up a bit on Monday and then came and went on Thursday as well. Got a cold right at the beginning of the week, felt ok midweek though but got worse again by the end and probably hit rock bottom by Friday.  An up and down week physically but got the miles in because that's what you gotta do.  Had a solid run on Sunday despite being run down most of the week.

Late in the day, got a new permission on E.Madison Rd. (the spot of the old Madison Corner post office) and dug a nice silver 1941 Washington...worth about $7 in the condition it's in.  The great thing about silver is that it looks as good coming out of the ground as the day it went in (as opposed to clad quarters which look like hell after almost any amount of time in the ground).  I amazingly haven't found a silver quarter until now. I've found a few bucks in modern clad quarters (collectively) over the course of the summer and fall, but never anything silver (anything pre 1965 is silver).  I've found a ton of wheat cents from the teens - 50s, but no silver.  I can't wait to get back over there as I only had about an hour to swing late in the day today... I think I'll have many more where this came from, hopefully before the ground freezes and the snow flies.

Side note, there is a 1st time snowshoe 5K Race in Auburn , NH on February 14th (Valentines Day)  at 10am.   The Massabesic Audubon Raven’s Race 5K.  Not to be confused with the epic 2005 snowshoe 5k that was held at basically the same venue, this is a completely new event that is conveniently shoehorned into the winter SS schedule on an open date (New Hampshire-wise).  It IS the day after Kingman Farm, but it's doable.  Also, since Kingman has a registration cap, if you don't get into Kingman or can't make the night race, this is a nice option for that weekend.

Per the RD, it is a nice course through the trails at Massabesic Audubon along the shores of Lake Massabesic.   They are have having 10 year increments for prizes plus a couples division since it is Valentine’s Day.  After the race there will be food, a bon fire, and Bird of Prey demonstrations.  The race is to benefit the educational animals and the Raven at the Center.

The following is the pdf registration form if you're old school.
The following is the online registration page.


Race-day registration will begin at 6:45 a.m. at Massabesic Audubon center.
Entry fee is $20 (before 1/20/16), $25 (1/21 – 2/10), $30 (after 2/10), $40/couples entering together. Goodie bags with local “goods” to the first 100 entrants.
Pre-register by February 2 to get 25% off a pair of snowshoes at Eastern Mountain Sports at the Mall of NH, Manchester NH. Simply bring your paid registration receipt to the Mall of NH store on the following “Raven” nights: Tuesday, December 15, Tuesday, January 12, Thursday, January 21, Tuesday, February 2

Race page at Audubon:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week of November 30 - December 6

Week of November 30 - December 6

November 30 (Monday) - PM: 8.3 miles - roads and trails w/ Andrew.
December 1 (Tuesday) - PM: 10.5 miles - roads in the freezing rain.
December 2 (Wednesday) - PM: 10.1 miles - roads in the rain and in the dark.
December 3 (Thursday) - PM: 10 miles - roads in the rain again.
December 4 (Friday) - PM: 8.1 miles - easy roads and trails.
December 5 (Saturday) - 5 miles - easy roads at night.
December 6 (Sunday) - 10.1 miles - roads and trails w/ BJ in Freedom/Effingham.

Weekly Summary: 62.1 miles for the week.  Felt like I did absolutely nothing all week so I'll take it.  Better than last week.

If you have access to a NH newsstand, you can pick up the latest issue of NH Magazine where there's a little article with another round of 'expert advice' from yours truly...this time around it's about snowshoe racing.  Take a peak here:

Also, this week was the voting for USATF NE Road GP for 2016.  The voting is actually open until December 8 if you haven't snuck in your hanging chads yet.  I'm really not sure how many of these I may do, but my voting for anyone who cares....after all I did pay my USATF fee for 2015 so I might as well use my vote.

Manchester Marathon – because I can’t do VCM as it’s the same day as Redhook which I plan on going to every year (even though I've missed it 3 damn years in a row).  I really want to do VCM and think it’s probably a better race, but the NH race is easier for me to get to, easier for me to train / be ready for.   Even though the history of a couple years ago was bad, I would want to go Manchester.  Also, VCM conflicts with Hollis 5k in the voting.

Lone Gull 10k – mainly because it fits my calendar.  Nothing else conflicting.  I heard Newton was a nightmare to get to last time.  Also, the Canton races are the same day as Bretton Woods (not that I’m doing the mountain series but I like to keep my options open).

Bobby Doyle – because it fits best for me and I haven’t done it.  Ribfest is the day after Washington.  End of Summer Classic is during the week.

Hollis 5k – because I don’t want a 5k in March (An Ras Mor 5k)…I'd rather race in southern NH than in the city…Canton races are same day as Bretton Woods…Bedford Rotary 12k is what I want to pick for wildcard so you can’t pick the Bedford 5k.  Also, I want to try to PR and Hollis is a good place to do that ;).

Bedford 12k – because it’s NH, doesn’t conflict w/ anything on my calendar, and I ran crappy twice there before. I want revenge.

NH 10 Miler – because it’s NH, doesn’t conflict w/ anything on my calendar.  I am not a fan of DH  Jones or Town & Country or Five Colleges or whatever the heck is called this year…  And I HATE February.

Middlebury Maple Half – I heard some good things about the race...I like VT....I like the prospect of having a half in May vs March.  However, NB gets it ever year so I am not holding my breath.  For some reason, everyone goes ape sh*t over NB which is definitely not my highlight place to race on the calendar year but I digress...

And to get you in the Grand Prix's a flash back to some of the glory days....the infamous 'blank jersey' race....James Joyce Ramble 10k in 2011 when we SMOKED Whirlaway by a whopping 4 seconds to take the team title.  We only needed 1 second but we made it look even worse with a 4 second shelling of the boys in red.