Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week of November 9 - November 15

Week of November 9 - November 15

November 9 (Monday) - AM: 7.2 miles (56:52) - easy. Roads, single track, and snowmobile trails.
November 10 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles (30:51) - slight unplanned progression. PM: 8 miles (1:01:01) - hilly dirt roads and class vi roads. Easy but about 1200 ft. of climbing.
November 11 (Wednesday) - PM: 10 miles (1:18:28).  Dirt roads and single track trails at night w/ headlamps... With Ryan and Kristina.
November 12 (Thursday) - PM: 10.1 miles (1:20:48).  With Andy. Dirt roads and class vi roads + an  unnamed peak bagging session.  1355 ft of elevation total.  Soaking wet out.
November 13 (Friday) - AM: 8 miles (50:41). Solo out and back (flat). Leg a little sore.
November 14 (Saturday) - PM: 3 miles (22:00). Treadmill late. Leg bothering me too much on the constant pounding to go longer.
November 15 (Sunday) - PM: 20 miles (2:15:15). Big lake loop. Nice and moderately easy.  Legs a little tight near the middle and hips got progressively tighter but it was manageable.  Fracture spot started bothering me with 1.5 to go which was a little bit of a downer.  The rest of the run was nice and solid.

Summary: 71.6 miles for the week on 8 runs (including that 3 mile stinkbomb on Saturday night).  4632 ft. of gain across 7 of the 8 runs.  It was a solid week of training, all things considered.  Gave the Mill a test on Saturday night after having to watch the kids all day and it was a no go. I may not be able to do the Mill this winter.  It was really bothering my leg with all the constant uniform pounding.  It may be a long cold winter...outside.

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