Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week of November 23 - November 29

Thanksgiving w/ the girls!

Week of November 23 - November 29

November 23 (Monday) - PM: 10 miles - roads and trails easy w/ Andrew.
November 24 (Tuesday) - AM: 5.1 miles - easy roads.
November 25 (Wednesday) - PM: 7.5 miles - B&M ledge and Whitton Ledge with Andy and Squall.
November 26 (Thursday) - off.  Good day down in E.Wakefield at my parents house w/ the family.
November 27 (Friday) - PM: 8 miles - roads in the dark.
November 28 (Saturday) - AM: 10 miles - roads in the rain before heading down to class reunion.
November 29 (Sunday) - off.

Weekly Summary: 40.6 miles on a light week.  With the holiday and 3 solid 70+ weeks prior I took a little down week before resetting.  Off on Thanksgiving and then off on Sunday after pulling a relatively late night at my 20th class reunion down in MA.  Great times, seeing lots of old mates again.

I also had one of the best days of coin-shooting I've ever had on Friday.  Dug some nice old coins out of my front yard including my first ever half-dollar and this nice gem below, which is my oldest coin found so far... 1885 Indian head cent!  The indian himself has seen better days, but the date is solid!

Mike (our hurdler extraordinaire) and I...reliving the 1995 glory days of Warrior track.

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