Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8 (Sunday)

November 8 (Sunday) - 17 miles at about 5:30am ...had to get the run in before 8:30 today so it was my only option... First 4-5 miles with a headlamp...then it was a nice (slightly windy) jaunt through Madison, Albany, Tamworth.  Took a wrong turn at 12 miles for a bit, went up a big hill, then figured it out and turned back.  Got an extra mile in (was originally planning 16).  Good solid run without much effort.  Back was very stiff early in the morning (as it usually is) so it took me a bit to warmup.

71 miles for the week...back on track.

One other thing we got accomplished today...that God awful TV antenna finally found it's match...It just took a guy who has no fear up on a 2 story house peak...


  1. 5:30 am, better man than me. glad you didn't fall off the ladder.

  2. ha! That wasn't even me on that ladder :).... I know my place when it comes to heights...