Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4 (Wednesday)

November 4 (Wednesday) - 11.5 miles out and back around Carved in Bark neighborhood from the house.  Beautiful weather out there.  Sneaking out for lunch as much as I can for some runs before the snow flies.  Leg felt a little better today and overall I felt better than Monday by far.  Run felt very easy and wasn't much slower than the run on Monday but a tad longer...I'll take it.

Heard something on the radio last night on the way home from Ryan's that kind of blew my mind... a caller pointed out that the same amount of time has passed (15 years) since these two things....

1) There was 15 years between the 1985 Bears vs. Pats Super Bowl and Tom Brady's first game w/ the Pats in 2000.

2) There has been 15 years between Tom Brady's first game as a Pat and now.

It seems to me to be literally generations between that 1985 Super Bowl and when the Pats drafted Brady and he started playing.  It doesn't seem like that long since he started playing for the Pats though...crazy.  I'm getting old.  I'm glad he has decided to play another 10 years ;)...

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