Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2 (Monday)

November 2 (Monday) - First run in a week. Took a week to focus on trying to get healthy. I'm still sick which is ridiculous.  Congestion is just a fact of life now but the way I feel when I'm running is just not pleasant lately.  The week felt GREAT though.  Got most of the fall cleanup done outside, did a decent amount of coin shooting, and got some work done at work believe it or not.  We did a couple of trips, Kristin got to go on some nice hikes and I got to spend daddy-daughter time (which is basically solely focused on My Little Pony toys, videos, books, clothing, bedding, etc.).

Today I got out for a solo lake bang.  I haven't done that many lake bangs this year and not that many solo ones... It felt kind of strange after 7 days of no running.  I wasn't sure how to pace myself and felt a little quick at the beginning but then soon discovered that I am not in great shape right now.  I was able to run fairly even splits for 10.5 miles with about 600 ft. of gain.  6:35 pace overall and it felt kind of hard at the end.  I really felt worn down.  I may need to just slowly ease back into it.  That pace should feel easy on the 'flat' lake bang but it just really feels like I'm still sick and it's tough to run like that for that long at this point.  We'll see how the rest of the week plays out.  One other concerning thing is my left tibia acting up again.  It actually started to HURT late in the week last week when I wasn't even running. I have no idea how.  It was a little sore at the start today but was ok by the time I got rolling along.

Got out for about an hour before the sun went down and dug two .22 bullets, a bottlecap, and some pull tabs...probably from the 60s...up along the Cascades trail.  In other words I wasted my time again...

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