Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week of November 23 - November 29

Thanksgiving w/ the girls!

Week of November 23 - November 29

November 23 (Monday) - PM: 10 miles - roads and trails easy w/ Andrew.
November 24 (Tuesday) - AM: 5.1 miles - easy roads.
November 25 (Wednesday) - PM: 7.5 miles - B&M ledge and Whitton Ledge with Andy and Squall.
November 26 (Thursday) - off.  Good day down in E.Wakefield at my parents house w/ the family.
November 27 (Friday) - PM: 8 miles - roads in the dark.
November 28 (Saturday) - AM: 10 miles - roads in the rain before heading down to class reunion.
November 29 (Sunday) - off.

Weekly Summary: 40.6 miles on a light week.  With the holiday and 3 solid 70+ weeks prior I took a little down week before resetting.  Off on Thanksgiving and then off on Sunday after pulling a relatively late night at my 20th class reunion down in MA.  Great times, seeing lots of old mates again.

I also had one of the best days of coin-shooting I've ever had on Friday.  Dug some nice old coins out of my front yard including my first ever half-dollar and this nice gem below, which is my oldest coin found so far... 1885 Indian head cent!  The indian himself has seen better days, but the date is solid!

Mike (our hurdler extraordinaire) and I...reliving the 1995 glory days of Warrior track.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week of November 16 - November 22

Week of November 16 - November 22 

November 16 (Monday) - PM: 8.6 miles roads/trails w/ Andy.
November 17 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles very easy - roads.  PM: 8 miles very easy - roads.
November 18 (Wednesday) - AM: 5 miles roads - slightly up tempo.  PM: 10.6 miles - roads w/ Andy.
November 19 (Thursday) - PM: 8.3 miles roads - very easy.  Raining and cold.
November 20 (Friday) - PM: 10 miles mountain/trail/roads w/ Andy.
November 21 (Saturday) - PM: 7.1 miles - mountain/trail/roads w/ Andy.
November 22 (Sunday) - AM: 11.1 miles - roads - moderate w/ Andy. Raining and cold.

 Summary: 74.2 miles for the week.  5,092 feet of climbing.  Decent weather (for November) other than the cold rain we had...but that's better than snow.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week of November 9 - November 15

Week of November 9 - November 15

November 9 (Monday) - AM: 7.2 miles (56:52) - easy. Roads, single track, and snowmobile trails.
November 10 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles (30:51) - slight unplanned progression. PM: 8 miles (1:01:01) - hilly dirt roads and class vi roads. Easy but about 1200 ft. of climbing.
November 11 (Wednesday) - PM: 10 miles (1:18:28).  Dirt roads and single track trails at night w/ headlamps... With Ryan and Kristina.
November 12 (Thursday) - PM: 10.1 miles (1:20:48).  With Andy. Dirt roads and class vi roads + an  unnamed peak bagging session.  1355 ft of elevation total.  Soaking wet out.
November 13 (Friday) - AM: 8 miles (50:41). Solo out and back (flat). Leg a little sore.
November 14 (Saturday) - PM: 3 miles (22:00). Treadmill late. Leg bothering me too much on the constant pounding to go longer.
November 15 (Sunday) - PM: 20 miles (2:15:15). Big lake loop. Nice and moderately easy.  Legs a little tight near the middle and hips got progressively tighter but it was manageable.  Fracture spot started bothering me with 1.5 to go which was a little bit of a downer.  The rest of the run was nice and solid.

Summary: 71.6 miles for the week on 8 runs (including that 3 mile stinkbomb on Saturday night).  4632 ft. of gain across 7 of the 8 runs.  It was a solid week of training, all things considered.  Gave the Mill a test on Saturday night after having to watch the kids all day and it was a no go. I may not be able to do the Mill this winter.  It was really bothering my leg with all the constant uniform pounding.  It may be a long cold winter...outside.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8 (Sunday)

November 8 (Sunday) - 17 miles at about 5:30am ...had to get the run in before 8:30 today so it was my only option... First 4-5 miles with a headlamp...then it was a nice (slightly windy) jaunt through Madison, Albany, Tamworth.  Took a wrong turn at 12 miles for a bit, went up a big hill, then figured it out and turned back.  Got an extra mile in (was originally planning 16).  Good solid run without much effort.  Back was very stiff early in the morning (as it usually is) so it took me a bit to warmup.

71 miles for the week...back on track.

One other thing we got accomplished today...that God awful TV antenna finally found it's match...It just took a guy who has no fear up on a 2 story house peak...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 7 (Saturday)

November 7 (Saturday) - 6 miles early in the day before the parents got here to watch the kids...Headed over to lunch w/ Kristin, Ryan, and Kristina.  Was going to run later on by decided that the 6 was good for the day.

This was the first run I've done in the past 20 years where I was aware that I was no longer the Wakefield High School record holder for the 800 meters. I discovered today that a kid broke my now 20 year old record, back in June of this year (2015). My record lasted from 1995 to 2015.  The record I broke back in 1995 was from 1965 (30 years).  The new school record is 1:56.16.  My record was 1:56:2.  Pretty close...but records were meant to be broken....glad that it lasted that long but glad it's now been broken.  (small article here).

Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6 (Friday)

November 6 (Friday) - 10.6 miles easy on the roads at lunch.  Out and back on 113/41 + the Moores Pond Rd. loop.  Gotta love this weather....

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5 (Thursday)

November 5 (Thursday) - 10 miles on the roads. Out and back and flat (113 to 41 to the Pine Barrens and back).  Nice weather, no excuses.  Tonight is the season finale of Project Runway so I had to get it in early, shower, get my jammies on, and get ready for NY Fashion Week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4 (Wednesday)

November 4 (Wednesday) - 11.5 miles out and back around Carved in Bark neighborhood from the house.  Beautiful weather out there.  Sneaking out for lunch as much as I can for some runs before the snow flies.  Leg felt a little better today and overall I felt better than Monday by far.  Run felt very easy and wasn't much slower than the run on Monday but a tad longer...I'll take it.

Heard something on the radio last night on the way home from Ryan's that kind of blew my mind... a caller pointed out that the same amount of time has passed (15 years) since these two things....

1) There was 15 years between the 1985 Bears vs. Pats Super Bowl and Tom Brady's first game w/ the Pats in 2000.

2) There has been 15 years between Tom Brady's first game as a Pat and now.

It seems to me to be literally generations between that 1985 Super Bowl and when the Pats drafted Brady and he started playing.  It doesn't seem like that long since he started playing for the Pats though...crazy.  I'm getting old.  I'm glad he has decided to play another 10 years ;)...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3 (Tuesday)

November 3 (Tuesday) - Nightime run on the snowmobile trails in Tamworth around Bolles area w/ Ryan Welts.  Cool, damp, dark 5 miles.  I am not a fan of the early darkness these days.... Good easy run on some rolling trails is far better than a zero.

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2 (Monday)

November 2 (Monday) - First run in a week. Took a week to focus on trying to get healthy. I'm still sick which is ridiculous.  Congestion is just a fact of life now but the way I feel when I'm running is just not pleasant lately.  The week felt GREAT though.  Got most of the fall cleanup done outside, did a decent amount of coin shooting, and got some work done at work believe it or not.  We did a couple of trips, Kristin got to go on some nice hikes and I got to spend daddy-daughter time (which is basically solely focused on My Little Pony toys, videos, books, clothing, bedding, etc.).

Today I got out for a solo lake bang.  I haven't done that many lake bangs this year and not that many solo ones... It felt kind of strange after 7 days of no running.  I wasn't sure how to pace myself and felt a little quick at the beginning but then soon discovered that I am not in great shape right now.  I was able to run fairly even splits for 10.5 miles with about 600 ft. of gain.  6:35 pace overall and it felt kind of hard at the end.  I really felt worn down.  I may need to just slowly ease back into it.  That pace should feel easy on the 'flat' lake bang but it just really feels like I'm still sick and it's tough to run like that for that long at this point.  We'll see how the rest of the week plays out.  One other concerning thing is my left tibia acting up again.  It actually started to HURT late in the week last week when I wasn't even running. I have no idea how.  It was a little sore at the start today but was ok by the time I got rolling along.

Got out for about an hour before the sun went down and dug two .22 bullets, a bottlecap, and some pull tabs...probably from the 60s...up along the Cascades trail.  In other words I wasted my time again...