Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 17 (Saturday)

October 17 (Saturday) - After a couple of early morning hours of metal detecting an old colonial cellar hole in East Madison (and finding only a few ho-hum old iron knick knacks), I watched the kids for the day while Kristin and Kristina did a hike up Sandwich Dome.  Later in the day when she got back, I hit up the yard for a quick few swipes of the AT Pro before heading over to Andy's for a 10 spot.   10 miles from Andy's down East Madison Rd. then up 153 to Glines Hill (mini Mount Washington) and then up and over to Pound and then up and over to Maple Grove before returning back to Andy's.  Good solid run.  We didn't even work the E. Madison downhill and took it pretty easy until the last couple miles and still rocked sub 7s with near 1100 feet of gain (mostly up Glines Hill).

I found horseshoe #2 in the front yard as well as this interesting Madison, NH Dog License tag from 1954 below.  Looks like it was number 36 for 1954.  I should go to the town hall to find out where the dog lived...

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