Thursday, October 15, 2015

Catching Up

Playing some catch up... Here's what's happened since the marathons....

October 4 (Sunday) - off (day after marathon...time to recover)
October 5 (Monday) - 5.1 miles easy
October 6 (Tuesday) - 8 miles hard
October 7 (Wednesday) - 10 miles w/ some light track tempo
October 8 (Thursday) - 8.5 miles
October 9 (Friday) - 8.6 miles easy on snowmobile trails
October 10 (Saturday) - off
October 11 (Sunday) - 9.3 miles easy
October 12 (Monday) - 8 miles hilly roads
October 13 (Tuesday) - am 5 miles / pm 8 miles
October 14 (Wednesday) - 10.5 miles trails/mountains
October 15 (Thursday) - 9 miles hilly roads

One more weekend off, then most likely the WMM Half in Conway next weekend.  The NH Individual Age 38 State Record for a Half is 1:14 and change...I should be able to do that without much issue.  I got the Age 38 State Record a few weeks back at Clarence Demar for the marathon.  I now have the 37 and 38 age records for the marathon in NH by a NH resident.  Getting the Age 39 record next year will be a bit of a challenge considering it drops way back down to a 2:29 and change.  I have a feeling that will be more of a challenge than the last couple years.

I did manage to get a head cold yesterday somehow so I'm hoping it passes before next weekend.  Will try to run though it as best I can.

Have been getting in some great coin hunting in though...beautiful fall days recently and some great permissions I've obtained are leading to some exciting times with my new machine...

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