Friday, October 2, 2015

Catching Up (Sept 28 - Oct 2)

I had been pretty busy last week with not running a whole lot and getting used to the summer being over. I also had been trying to deliberately recover from my 2nd place finish (2:35:38) at the Clarence Demar Marathon last Sunday in anticipation of running the NH Marathon on Saturday (only 6 days later).  I figured I'd go very easy or not at all, this past week...try to fully recover...and then if I felt OK on Saturday morning, drive over to Bristol for a race day registration.  

On Monday (September 28) The following day after Clarence Demar, I hit up the Albany Town Forest trails from the ranger station on the Kanc for an easy 5.2 miles on the grass and single track.  Kevin joined me (Kevin Tilton from Center Conway, NH) for the mostly uneventful and slow jog (although I did take a nice fall coming out of the trails). I then stood over in the Swift River for 10 minutes (up to my waist) to try to ice the legs a bit.  The water was surprisingly warm though (well warmer than I was expecting for sure).

On Tuesday (September 29)  I bagged a run and just got a rest day in, as I felt 'OK' but still a little banged up.

On Wednesday (September 30) I closed out the month with a short (4.5 miles), wet bushwhack with Andy and Squall up the powerlines and nature conserve in the geographic center of town.  It would have been easier with a machete though for sure.

The great news of the day/week/month though was that I FOUND MY WEDDING RING!  I have been looking for it since I lost it in early May.  I lost it right as my sabbatical started and I spent a lot of time looking for it up in the woods.  I used an older (cheaper) metal detector and even purchased a brand new, much more powerful machine and some other aids to help me but couldn't find it.  I had my dad and also a friend (and sometimes Tabby Rose) help me but with multiple people looking, 3 different machines, and numerous hours, we couldn't find it.  Then finally on Wednesday, the day after the torrential storm we had, I went up there and spent about 10 minutes with my new machine and found it in a huge pile of wet leaves.

I finished up the month with 283.3 miles for September.  Down a bit from August but with the 2 marathons at the end of the stretch, I was figuring there would be some off days and some short days.

On Thursday (October 1) Andy and I did another easy 5.3 mile shakeout on the roads of Madison.  He's still recovering from his great VT 50 run and I've been trying to slog through some pretty awful allergies and congestion.  We talked about race / training strategies and I tried to keep my mind off the fact that I was to toe the line yet again for another marathon in a couple days...

Got this nice package in the mail from the boys and girls at SIX03...who would have guessed there were ONLY a couple of nice long sleeves in there?

On Friday (October 2) I took the day off again as I did last week the day before the race.  I was a little hesitant at first and wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel in a 'faster' effort.  Faster meaning faster than the jogging I was doing this past week.  I felt pretty good otherwise except for my allergies really being bad.  Friday was especially bad with a headache and congestion. I actually thought I may have been coming down with something just based on the way it was wiping me out.  But my legs felt ok which was the big thing.  I got pretty bad sleep on Thursday and Friday nights due to the congestion.

Saturday, I hit up the NH Marathon in Bristol, NH to try my hand yet again (thanks to Patrick Moulton) in winning a marathon.  I'll post a new separate update with the race writeup.

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