Monday, October 26, 2015

Catching Up - October 18 - October 25

Not much to talk about about on the running front the last week +.  I've been sick and haven't been doing much of anything other than work and trying to NOT give my headcold to my kids while still being a good parent and doing the usual daddy-daughter(s) things.

I ran w/ Andy last Sunday early in the am.  A nice steady run in Conway/Albany as we looped Passaconaway Rd. and the Kanc for just over 15 miles.  I capped off a nice 72 mile week but knew I was getting sick.  That would be my last good run for a while.  I had been trying to ignore the signs but it was getting more and more obvious.  Throughout the last week I had many broken nights of sleep and a sore throat, heavy congestion, headaches, etc.  Couple that with an oncoming nagging cough and stresses at work I had to deal with all week, and my running definitely took a backseat.  I figured I could just take some rest days and surely I'd be recovered by Sunday.  That didn't happen. I almost got progressively worse as the week went on.  I only ran 4 days this past week including Sunday's WMM Half Marathon which was a disaster.  I knew I shouldn't have tried to race after the week I had and the way I felt on Sunday but I did anyways and it showed.  I couldn't run hard for more than a few miles and my body just shut down.  Couldn't breathe, couldn't get comfortable at all, and just rigged up about halfway and wanted to stop. My body's definitely telling me something and I'm now listening.  Going to shut down the racing now and get ready for the winter, whatever that means.  I would like to personally thank the a-hole who coughed on me, shook my hand after wiping his/her nose, used the Walmart carriage before me and sneezed on the handle, etc.  I thank you and my kids thank you.

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