Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4 (Friday)

September 4 (Friday) - Easy day.  7 miles easy after work. No lunch run.  Leg was killing me after the run yesterday.  More so at rest than actually when I'm moving.  Last night and most of today it was bad.  Throbbing, occasional sharp/shooting pain.  Very sore to the touch (almost unbearable).  When I'm running it is not any worse and not too much of an issue so far.  Today's run was easy and the pain wasn't any worse when moving.  As I type this, the pain to the touch is no where near as bad as it has got to be the residual pain at the site of the fracture and the bone growth since.   The increased miles and workout this week probably aggravated it.   I can feel a pretty large bump over the exact spot of the fracture and from what I've read, that is completely normal and that can lead to nerve issues (which I have) and localized pain to the touch for up to a year or more.  I found one forum post where a guy had a tibial stress fracture back in 1984 and it is STILL painful in that area and has never fully gone away to this day.  Gonna do an easy run tomorrow again and see how it goes.

Some notable tracks from the iPod this afternoon since there's not much to write about running-wise...  Some early 'post punk', a punk cover of an Eddie Cochran classic, and Japanese hair metal for the selection today...  Made my 7:20 pace sizzle... (and yes I know about the actual video for the Pistols song below...I chose not to link that one because I'm not a fan of Sid Vicious dancing around in a swastika thong).

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