Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2 (Wednesday)

September 2 (Wednesday) - 4 miles at lunch easy on the roads.   Then after work, 3 mile warmup on the trails with Andy and Squall behind the HS.  Then a short track workout.  Just trying to feel out some faster running for the first time since Spring. No clue what to expect with the leg or cardio. It was 90 degrees in Conway and according to Darin's car thermo (I saw him just finishing his workout), it was 94 at the track. Very hot. Ran 3 x mile with 400 jog in between. Just to see how everything feels since May. Ran 5:08, 5:08, 5:05 when the target was around 5:15. No way I was going to run that slow. Felt like I was almost jogging. Unreal. Very happy with the workout. 2:00 for each 400 in between. The last lap of the last one felt a little hard but the rest of the workout was crazy. It was the best I've felt with miles all year. Granted it was slower than I have been running them, but not by much. 5-8 seconds feels like a lot though... If nothing else, it was a confidence booster. The leg hurts more sitting here typing this than it did when I was running. Definitely would have been able to run these harder. Next time I'll do 4 or 5 and it shouldn't be a problem at this pace. Didn't want to overdo it. Ran 2 laps after the last mile. 23:21 for 4 miles including the rest.  Then 3 miles in the woods with Andy and Squall on the Rec Trails.  14 miles on the day.

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