Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16 (Wednesday)

September 16 (Wednesday) - After work... headed to the Kennett track w/ Doc Brown.  Ran a couple miles of warmup on the rec trails and track....then hopped in and did some miles (4) with Darin.  Let him lead all of them and then continued with 3 laps in between each for the rest (he'd walk a lap and I'd do 3 laps in that same span).  The miles were around 5:30ish (plus/minus a couple seconds) and then the 3 laps were at about 6:10-6:15 pace as rest (faster than I would normally do rest laps in, but the pace of the actual miles was way slower than I usually do miles, so it kind of evened out to a tempo run).  Continuous.  Not hard but definitely quicker than I would have gone on the road so it was all good.  Ran in trainers.  The 7.5 miles on the track were sub 6 pace overall even with the rest.  Then added a little cooldown on the trails after to get 11 miles total.   Not crazy, but a decent honest (flat) 11 miles.

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