Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27 (Sunday) - Clarence Demar Marathon

Bill Gnade photo - Keene Sentinel

September 27 (Sunday) - Another NH race crossed off the list. I figured since the year was all wonked up anyways due to my injury, I'd mix it up and just jump into a fall marathon.  What better way to begin that with the Clarence Demar Marathon (38th running) (results) in Keene.  I've never run this race before so it was time to test out the leg at the longer stuff and also get a good idea of where I am fitness-wise.  I also thought I may have an outside shot at a marathon win, depending on who showed up.

I've been congested with either a cold (which I think I may have a touch of) and/or severe allergies for a week + (or a mixture of both).  The past few nights were especially bad.  Last night (the night before the race) I got about 2 hours of broken sleep because I couldn't breathe.  I also had to get up at 2:30am to be on the road by 3am to make it to Keene in time to get my bib and get on the bus to Gilsum, NH and the start.  After a nice moonlit drive (2 and a half hours), I arrived in Keene, still under the cover of darkness, and popped into the Keene State gym to get my number.  While in the bathroom, I ran into Scott Leslie.  I immediately knew 1st place was out the window.  I was happy to see my teammate but kind of disappointed that now my hopes of a marathon win (finally) was out the door.  Scott has been a great marathon runner for years and he was just doing Demar as a warmup before his Hartford race in 2 weeks.   Despite only doing Demar as a warmup, I figured his workout pace would be hotter than my current race pace.   I hopped on the bus to the start and we finally got there after taking a wrong turn on the way...

While waiting inside (it was freezing out) I ran into Patrick Moulton, who registered that morning.  My thoughts immediately shifted to 3rd place now... but as I looked around, I started to see a few other guys who looked like they were pretty good. I started to realize that it wouldn't be an 'easy' day as I had initially hoped for and thought it would be.   Scott and I walked over to the start, which was our warmup.  We then stood on the line, freezing, and scoped out the competition (or at least I did)... I noticed last year's winner, George Adams, on the line and was glad he was in the race to try to defend his title (although I had heard he was hurt).  After a short prayer given by the local pastor, we were off and running.

Just after the start...Patrick rolling. Herr right behind.  Me to the right.

Patrick shot off to an immediate lead.  He had told me he wasn't sure what would happen and he wasn't particularly training for a marathon (then again, who was?)... He's only run 3 races all year (including this one) and they've all been marathons.  For the first quarter mile or so, there was 7 or so guys ahead of me including David Herr (50 years old) and a dude wearing a Maine singlet.  As the beginning of the race played out, those looked to be the guys jockeying for the early position.  I weaved through a few of them as we started on a nice downhill.  Scott was hanging way back and to plan.  He told me he was going to run easy for the first half and then hammer the second half.  I had almost no doubt he'd catch me, whatever I decided to do.   I made a conscious decision during that first mile, to go for it.  I had no clue how long I could run sub 6s for but figured I'd go up to Pat and keep him company for a while.  I rolled up on him before the mile mark and settled into pace.  He was happy to see me and we started shooting the sh*t as the pace 'seemed' easy.

The second mile had the steepest climb and it was our slowest of the first half of the race.  We started to slowly break apart the chasers.  Only Herr and the dude w/ the Maine singlet were in tow and they were right behind.  Somewhere in the third mile or so, only Herr was lingering.  Pat and I continued to discuss the race and make small talk as the miles rolled on.  He was giving me motivation and encouragement to hang on so I just kept up w/ him and figured I'd do that for 5, 6, 7, 8 miles or whatever...then blow up and get caught.  The miles continued to roll.

Herr was keeping within feet of us for at least the first 10 miles.  I was actually shocked to see a 28 high first 5 mile split considering the way I was feeling.  When we hit 10 miles, I was feeling 'ok' but had small little twinges in my calfs and hamstrings as expected.   They actually started to bark a little, very early in the race (4-5 miles) but I kept everything relatively quiet and in control.  I was feeling very good about how my body was reacting, but knew inevitably I would be paying for 5:4x miles later on.  We kept the pace very even though (other than that 2nd mile w/ the climb).  I was pretty happy to be running with Pat and locked into a pace.  He is very good at that.  He was also really good to be there to talk to and key off of.  I wasn't at all worried about him dropping me, as I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and was completely fine with it.  If it wasn't him and it was some other guy I didn't know and often lose to, I would have been way more nervous.  I was just a little nervous about what was happening behind with Herr and Scott, etc.

We hit 10 miles in 57-high and I was pretty surprised that I was still there and running very even. I thought maybe at 8 miles or so, Pat's pace would be a little too hot, but I was still side by side.  He kept telling me to just hang on and was trying to take my mind off it.  Somewhere between 10 and 11 miles, we actually started to drop Herr.  He started pulling back a little, but not much.  Even Pat was a bit nervous.  At one point during mile 11 he mentioned that he wouldn't really be sweating anything at that point if Herr wasn't lingering back there.  I agreed, it was unnerving.  He's won the race numerous times and has my number in long events.  Even though he's 50, he hasn't really lost anything.

Mile 11/12 ish is out and back over a dam at the base of Surry Mountain Lake.  It's a beautiful part of the course.  Pat and I got to head out and then back against traffic there.  We could see most everyone in that first pack of 7-8 guys or so, not too far back as we started back over the dam.  Herr was still pretty close and we had maybe a mile or so on Scott as he was still running his easy first half.  When I went by Scott, I deliberately pulled a few feet ahead of Patrick (who was laughing) to make it look like I was leading and pulling him along (to play mind games with Scott who I was pretty certain would eventually mow me down).  As we went by Scott, he actually laughed and mentioned that he was surprised I was actually leading the race... it was pretty funny (at the time) considering all the sandbagging I was doing before the race (as usual).

We were 1:15:30ish at the half and I was still there.  Side by side with Pat.  We had gapped David pretty good and he was now way back and sometimes not even in view.  We started to notice his parents (we think) driving past us, pulling over, getting out, and was like clockwork every couple we knew he was still back there pretty close.  I was starting to now feel the enormity of the marathon and the fact that I was only halfway done.  I started to rig a little but still kept with Pat.  Every now and again, we'd hit an uphill and Pat would actually gap me.  Somewhere around 14 or so, I thought for sure I had lost him and he was off.   We hit a good climb and I just couldn't hang.  But then I would catch back up to him on the downs.  Not sure if he was waiting for me or if he was just pulling back and not hammering the downs to conserve.  Either way, he was graciously accepting me back on board each time.  Somewhere around 15 or so, he mentioned to me that his legs were feeling pretty bad and he wasn't sure.  He said something about wanting to at least make it to 20... and he did tell his wife who was driving past us every once in a while and cheering for us, that he wasn't feeling that great.  He had also told me that in a 'if it makes you feel any better' kind of way...but it didn't :).  I was feeling way too bad at that point and was unsure about my ability now to go with him for another 10 miles.

Right by the 16 mile aid station, I reached into my back pocket for a gel.  My first of the race.  Pat seemed to be taking gels often and early.  I wasn't, but I was taking water and Gatorade at each water stop (minus a couple where the volunteer just couldn't figure out how to let go of a cup when I tried to grab it).  When I got the gel out, I was a few steps behind Pat.  It was a flat and uneventful part of the course but somehow when I tried to bite the top off of it, it flew out of my hand and up in the air like 10 feet to the left.  I thought about stopping for it for a split second but quickly decided against it.  Right there I started to lose Pat.  Almost instantaneously he continued on his way at probably the same pace (mid 5:4x's) and I started to drop back.  I reached in and grabbed the only other gel I had (an awful carmel/salt one that was in the race packet) and took that one.  I was starting to feel a possible bonk coming on and needed the calories. I felt the difference right away but also now had an awful taste in my mouth that I had to deal with until the next aid station.

We started to meander through a nice neighborhood section and Pat stayed 10 seconds or so in front of me.  I was now on my own and knew my day with running along side him was was great while it lasted but he's just a true marathoner who knows his way around the last 10 miles.  I knew it was now a matter of time before I was caught by Herr and probably Scott.  As we exited the neighborhood, I saw Scott go by on the crossover section.  I had no clue how far back he was, but figured I had a few miles at least before I'd see him.  No sign of Herr but I kept seeing his parents on the side of the road every couple miles so I knew he was still hanging.

My splits for 17 and 18 on my own were still in the 5:40s but now high 5:40s.  Surprisingly for miles 19 and 20 I was still under 6 but barely.  I was very slowly losing Pat but he was still within 20-30 seconds probably.  I could still see him clearly on most parts.  By 20ish, we had started hitting some bike paths through the woods and over the highway.  There were twisting and turning routes with some small uphill pops that just took the wind out of my sails.  When I split 20 miles in 1:55:4x I was shocked.  I was really pumped to run sub 1:56 but also really concerned that I had sunk my race.  The last 10k were going to be a sh*tshow and I knew it.   I tried to keep Pat and the lead car in sight.

Somewhere before the 21 mile mark I started to zone out.  I started getting slight tunnel-vision and kept catching myself not paying attention to what was going on.  Somehow I kept the pace a respectable 6:07 and 6:08 for my 21st and 22nd miles.  Those were my first miles over 6.  Still no visual sign of David or Scott behind me but I was just waiting.  When I hit 22, I had zero faith I'd still be able to hold off a charge from someone behind.

Leading up to the 23rd mile, we headed into a graveyard section that I just found exceptionally brutal.  There were a couple of slight pops straight uphill (not long, but steep) that I almost had to walk (literally) on.  My legs were trash at this point.   Because of that, I split an abysmal 6:23 for my 23rd mile.  At that point, I was locked into 6:23 for miles 24 and 25.  When I hit 24, I started to have an idea that maybe I could get 2nd.  I knew I had only 2.2ish miles to go and I couldn't see anyone behind me, even on long stretches (with admittedly only quick peeks back).  I figured I could at worst, run 7s to finish up the race if everything fell to hell.  When I hit 25, I knew I had it but just had to keep telling myself to keep pushing forward.

 In the end, I came into the quad at Keene and through the tape in a surprising 2:35:38 (chip time) and a solid 2nd place.  That was my best finish in a marathon.  I've never won a marathon and previous to this, 4th at Manchester was my best finish place-wise.  Pat pushed to a pretty even paced race less maybe the last few miles only falling off just a little bit.  He finished just under 3 minutes up on me.   I lost an awful lot of time off the pace in the last 10k, but it was in no way a disaster.  I was really pleased to run 2:35 and to get 2nd to a class act like Pat.  He pulled me along and I was pretty grateful to have kept him company for a good part of the race.  Scott wasn't that far in back of me, only 1:20 behind.  And he was doing a workout!  I was lucky to have held him off.  He was going a minute per mile faster than me during that last stretch.  Herr finished in 2:39 and change at aged 50.  That was amazing.  I am happy with a 2:39 now at age 38.  I ran tough for 20 miles and didn't completely fall apart on the last 10k, although there is a ton of room for improvement (should I ever decide to train for a marathon).

After chilling out for a bit and talking w/ Scott and Pat and Jim Garcia about their races (Jim with another sub 3:00 marathon at age 57) I limped back over to the car and headed back 2+ hours north (nodding off most of the way)...

The splits (I had 26.39 on my watch)... (2:34:37 for the exact 26.2 split on the GPS).

01) 5:47
02) 5:53
03) 5:44
04) 5:44
05) 5:46
06) 5:46
07) 5:42
08) 5:46
09) 5:46
10) 5:43
11) 5:45
12) 5:41
13) 5:47
14) 5:45
15) 5:48
16) 5:42
17) 5:48
18) 5:47
19) 5:54
20) 5:58
21) 6:07
22) 6:08
23) 6:23
24) 6:23
25) 6:23
26) 6:21
last 3.9 (yes, 3.9): 6:12

Chip: 2:35:38 / Gun: 2:35:40 (otherwise known as 'Teschek-timing').

The Garmin data:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 26 (Saturday)

September 26 (Saturday) - off day ahead of running Clarence Demar tomorrow.  Took the family to Remick Farm in Tamworth for the harvest festival.  Beautiful warm fall day....

Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25 (Friday)

September 25 (Friday) - 5.2 miles easy w/ Andy again.  This time, no puking.  Madison 5k course out and straight back on the way back + some of the Johnson Family Reserve Trails in the back to finish off.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 24 (Thursday)

September 24 (Thursday) - 5 miles very easy w/ Andy who was sick.  Short powerline loop.  One stop for Andy in the bushes.  Then he puked in my driveway when we were done.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23 (Wednesday)

September 23 (Wednesday) - Another easy day.  One short run.  6 miles from my house.  Out and back on 113/41.  Zero strides after.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22 (Tuesday)

September 22 (Tuesday) - 5 miles easy (roads/trails) late in the day w/ Andy from my house.  Nothing much else to report.   Andy has the VT 50 this weekend so we talked about 'strategy' (not that I had much last year).  He's borrowing my Inov-8 race pack that I used during the race last year.  It made it 50 miles last year, so it should be able to handle it again this year... Allergies have been killing me.

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21 (Monday)

September 21 (Monday) - 5.1 miles at lunch (solo).. powerline loop (roads and trails).  Then 10.6 mile lake bang w/ Darin from his house.  15.7 miles on the day.   Beautiful late summer weather.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Septemer 20 (Sunday) - Horne St. School 5k

September 20 (Sunday) - I headed down to the Horne St. School 5k (results) in Dover, NH nice and early w/ the family.  I decided to try to get some turnover and at the very least, a hard shorter effort in before heading to the zoo in the afternoon down in York, ME.  Dover was a good stop on the way.  It was my 4th race in Dover, NH this year and was my 4th win (SMA 5k, Reds, Childrens, Horne).

I warmed up w/ Matt Garfield over the course before the race and was pretty surprised at how hilly the course actually is.  It starts off downhill for a bit before turning sharp to the right and eventually climbing for what seems to be a half mile or so.  Then the course turns right again and then eventually goes right down a small cul-de-sac and around a cone before heading back out and then down to the school again.  The start and finish are downhill and the middle is just a pretty hard climb (for a 5k anyways).  The strong headwind on the way up didn't help either.  I figured I'd be looking at around 16:30-16:35 for some reason.  I was pretty much right on but surprisingly, the course was longer than expected.  I talked to Fergus Cullen (race director-extraordinaire) after the race about it.  I also talked to some others who said the course was slightly different this year and it's been slightly different possibly over the last few years.  The climb is always in the race, but the rest of it shifts a little bit from year to year.

As the race went off, I actually got into an inadvertent mix up with the eventual 3rd place runner as we jockeyed for position.  It was kind of funny...felt like an indoor track or xc race start with some elbows, etc.  I eventually got clear and headed down the hill at a pretty decent clip but felt under control.  Matt settled in behind me and I hit the turn onto the eventual climb with a decent pad on 2nd place.  I started climbing up and made it to the top of the first climb and the 1 mile mark in 4:59.  I was actually pretty shocked that I broke 5 for that mile considering the climb.  However considering the nature of the first downhill, it evened out.

The second mile was TOUGH for a 5k.  It started with half of it being up another steep pitch with a nice headwind.  I eventually turned and headed down to the out and back on the cul-de-sac.  You have to basically come to almost a stop as you go around 3 cones at the end of the road.  As I turned and headed up a small little hill out of the cul-de-sac, Matt was pretty close behind.  The third place runner was also on that small road as I was heading back.  I knew at that point either I was running slower than I thought or they were running pretty well. I think it was a combination of both.  I clipped through the 2nd mile split in a pretty good 5:19.  I was pretty amazed I was that fast on that mile with the climbing.

The third mile has got some slight climb, flat, then downhill slightly to the finish.  I hit the 3 mile split on my Garmin in 5:02 for 15:20/15:21 though 3 miles.  It then took me 1:17 for the last ".1"!  I usually run 35ish for that last bit of a 5k on a normal course.  I was amazed at how long that last stretch was.  Instead of running right around 16 minutes (which I thought during mile 3, was going to be the case), I came through in 16:37...right around what I thought before the race started.  I had 3.29 on my Garmin.  So it was definitely a good 30-35 seconds long I am going to say (if a normal 5k is supposed to be a little over 3.1 anyways).

So all in all I am pretty happy with the effort.  I ran stronger in that middle mile than I thought I would and decent on the other two miles.  That last 5:02 is good for the nature of the beginning of that split and the fact that there was quite a lot of climbing earlier in the race.  I also got the win by just over a minute to Matt's 17:39 so I'll take it for sure.  It was a great time and really nice to once again run well in front of my parents who also went to see the race as they were going to be in town anyways.

After the race, the girls and I headed over to York's Wild Kingdom for a zoo visit.  It was a little hot out but it was a good time for a little while before Tabby started to get cranky.  She had a great time at the race though.

Future Horne St. School 5k women's winner?

Me and the Mrs.

Tabby cheering on dada

Sisterly love...

Talking shop w/ RD Fergus Cullen

The girls... (Morgan getting a little help from Mama behind the scenes)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19 (Saturday)

September 19 (Saturday) - 5 miles very easy late in the day.  Had my dad over all day playing w/ the kids as Kristin went out w/ my mother and a friend.  Didn't feel that great late in the day and slogged through 5 miles and felt really awful to be honest.  Surprised I got that far.  Just kind of felt like I sat in the sun all day (which I did) and was wiped.

On a side note, I did score a RTB shirt on the way back passed Madison Elementary School (the transition area for leg 9/10) hanging on a post.

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18 (Friday)

September 18 (Friday) - 6.1 miles at lunch scoping out the Reach the Beach course for any runner sightings...   Then later on, 3.9 miles (should have been more but Darin started bleeding again) with Darin along the RTB route from my house.  10 miles on the day, nice and easy.

These signs for 200+ miles...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17 (Thursday)

September 17 (Thursday) - Again, only 1 run today.  10.3 miles w/ Doc Brown.  An easy lake bang was in order.  Easiest run in some time, but it's definitely needed.  Leg feels 'ok' but still not 100% by any means.  Focal pain when I stir it up with quicker running or more 1 run a day this week has been keeping it in check.

In other news... Josh laying the guilt trip on me for the new banner....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16 (Wednesday)

September 16 (Wednesday) - After work... headed to the Kennett track w/ Doc Brown.  Ran a couple miles of warmup on the rec trails and track....then hopped in and did some miles (4) with Darin.  Let him lead all of them and then continued with 3 laps in between each for the rest (he'd walk a lap and I'd do 3 laps in that same span).  The miles were around 5:30ish (plus/minus a couple seconds) and then the 3 laps were at about 6:10-6:15 pace as rest (faster than I would normally do rest laps in, but the pace of the actual miles was way slower than I usually do miles, so it kind of evened out to a tempo run).  Continuous.  Not hard but definitely quicker than I would have gone on the road so it was all good.  Ran in trainers.  The 7.5 miles on the track were sub 6 pace overall even with the rest.  Then added a little cooldown on the trails after to get 11 miles total.   Not crazy, but a decent honest (flat) 11 miles.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15 (Tuesday)

September 15 (Tuesday) - 12 miles after work (easy).  Ran up to Darin's then went 6ish with Darin on the dirt roads from his house and then ran back.  About 9 on dirt and the rest on E. Madison Rd.

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14 (Monday)

September 14 (Monday) - 8 miles at lunch.  Solid pace with the last couple miles a little quicker than usual.  Felt ok after the first mile or so (leg was hurting as usual). Weather is getting more suitable for quality runs although by the end it was getting pretty warm.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13 (Sunday)

September 13 (Sunday) - Late afternoon run down in North Andover, MA w/ Mike Quintal.  Tour de Olde Andover.  9.1 miles with each mile, quicker than the next.  MQ pushing the pace...ankle brace and all...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12 (Saturday) - Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler

Photo by Matt Parker (Seacoast Sunday)

September 12 (Saturday) - 11 miles total. (Article in Seacoast Sunday.)

On Saturday I made my way down to the Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler (results) which is a Seacoast Series race each year.  This year I am out of the series due to being injured most of the summer and missing too many races, but I figured I'd head back down to this one and give it a shot.  I need to get my butt back into shape and sharpen up the racing mentality... despite not being 100% I just need to get on the line and get back into racing mode.  Eventually the fitness will get there.

I last ran Fox Point in 2009.  I ran (and won) in 2008 and then ran again in 2009 (third) and both years I had run the Ollie Road Race (5 Miler) in Boston the morning of...then doubled back at Fox Point later in the day (a feat I would definitely not be able to do now).  In 2009 I took a wrong turn and ran a lot of extra distance in the wrong direction so the last taste of this race I had wasn't very good...but this year it seemed like a cool race to go back to and try to get a good hard effort in. Plus, the win is worth $150.  It was $150 7 years ago when I won it and it still is :).  The entry fee has gone up though... I must say the food afterwards is pretty good.  A lot of hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, etc.  I definitely got my money's worth.

Even though this year I wasn't racing the morning of, I felt terrible. I woke up with a bad headache and had it throughout the day.  I tried to hydrate and stay moving all day but I was really starting to feel bad the more the day went on.  On the ride down there with the family, I was pretty much miserable.  My head was pounding.  We got there nice and early and registered and hung out for a while before it was time to warmup.  I did a 3 mile warmup (some with Darin Brown) over the beginning and end of the course (which is now different than it was back in 2008 and 2009 when I last ran).  I have never felt that bad on a warmup for a race in my life.  I can never remember feeling that flat, sore, and sluggish.  Dave Dunham has always told me that's a good sign (when you feel bad on the warmup)...I'm not sure...but I really did feel tremendously off.  My leg has been bothering me and it was flaring up.  I was just hoping that I could run w/ the leaders and try to squeeze out a podium spot in the back of my mind.

As the race went off, I was thinking 5:20s would be reasonable, given the hilly nature of the course (constant rolls but nothing crazy).  Normally I probably would have been looking for 5:0X's had I not gotten hurt this year...but it is what it is. I figured 5:20 would be about where I would be.  I was immediately out front and surprisingly pulling away 200 yards in.  I was only around 5:20 pace and feeling 'ok' but not totally relaxed.  The race starts slightly uphill and then flattens and ever so slightly drops a bit.  I stretched a lead out over the first mile of 10 seconds or so (maybe not even).  Rather foolishly, I thought to myself after the first mile 'oh great...1/3 of the way done....only 2 miles to go'...then I realized a few seconds later that it was 5 miles and not a 5k.  I was kind of rattled after that.

Race start photos from Kristin
Race start photos from Kristin
Me telling Matt how bad I felt....the usual smack.

I ran pretty much even the entire race despite the slow rollers.  I was 5:17 and then 5:22 on the next couple miles, which if you look at the profile, is kind of strange because the 5:17 had some climb and the 5:22 had some flat and drop. I don't know...I was just kind of zoning out and trying not to think about the fact that my calf started to kill at about 3 miles.  I rolled through 5k in 16:34 (there was a sign right at the 5k mark).  I felt ok except for my calf. Fitness-wise I felt ok but I still had a lingering headache and hungover feeling. I may have definitely been dehydrated...considering my calf started to cramp slightly and got VERY sore.

The last 2 miles could be the slowest collectively.  The last mile is almost entirely uphill but I still managed a 5:21 last mile and cruised in with a 26:50. I was pretty shocked to go under 27 to be honest (even though typically I not be happy w/ that time) but pleased with the win for sure.  I was lucky the race was only 5 miles. I think any longer and I would have had a tough time with my calf.  In the last 100 yards or so, there was a big line of little kids on the sidelines wanting a high five... I started slapping hands as I weaved over to the right.  I missed probably 75% of the hands but got a few including announcer extraordinaire Andy Schachat's (as you can see from the photo all the way at the top of this post)...

Finish Line photos from Kristin

Finish Line photos from Kristin

I cooled down with Darin and Jasmin Lepir over a small loop of mostly the beginning and middle of the course (another 3 miles).  Calf was VERY sore... took it pretty easy.

For the win, I got a running band/light thingy (not sure what it is, but it lights up blue and Tabby likes to play with it) and $150.  Not bad for missing most of the summer and then throwing my hat back in the ring.  It's kind of bitter sweet, but it was a good time for sure.  It was a good time for the family and a lovely night to be hanging out in Newington with the seacoast running community.

Article in Seacoast Sunday.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11 (Friday)

September 11 (Friday) - 5 miles easy after work (solo).  Powerline loop.  Leg a little on the 'trashy' side.  Will take it easy ahead of trying to race at Fox Point...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

New England Runner Rebuses Volume 3

Back by popular demand... more of your favorite from the New England running scene... see if you can get them all...

#1) A beast on the hill...

 #2) Another beast on the hill...
#3) a beast on all terrain... (submitted by Mike Quintal)

 #4) Representing GBTC... (collaboration by JJ and Mike Quintal)

 #5) great masters runner from NH... (submitted by Mike Quintal)

 #6) Another great master...

#7) Former UNH... (submitted by Mike Quintal)
#8) Can't forget about the people up in Maine....

#9) This guy probably just timed your last race... (submitted by Mike Quintal)

#10) Really miss this guy... dominant force on the 2010/2011 GP Scene...(collaboration by JJ and Mike Quintal)

#11) Keene guy who I've heard punched lunging dogs unconscious in mid air on a run... (submitted by Mike Quintal)

#12) Another great open and masters runner since I can remember... (submitted by Mike Quintal)