Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30 (Sunday)

August 30 (Sunday) - 10.3 miles late in the day from the corner of Lead Mine and Black Brook Rd.  Just an out and back on the flat section that was actually proposed for a leg of the Reach the Beach relay this year...  Added a loop around to Mary's Mtn. / Trout Pond area and down to Shawtown and back over to the snowmobile trails.  Relatively easy.

70.8 miles for the week and my 4th week at 70 in a row... Not as much climbing but still over 3700 feet which is probably still above what most people get just by default... Only 7 runs this week so not bad.  Things are looking up although I haven't worked on any speed at all.  My leg has been bothering me off and on but nothing stopping me from running.  Going to keep being consistent and getting the work in.  It's the only way.

Dog days....

A busy intersection on the proposed RTB route...

Another busy intersection.... the vans would have had to bypass.... too much traffic.

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