Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29 (Saturday)

August 29 (Saturday) - 10 miles (Strava knocked me down to 9.9 even though I ran 10.05) easy in Conway in the am.  Had to get the run in before a long day entertaining our parents and a few other guests for Morgan's 1st birthday party.  Met Kevin off of West Side Rd. for some easy trail miles in the Marshall Conservation Area and the Mineral Site (including the High School Loop).  Ran w/ him for the first 7.5 or so and then I added on some easy miles solo on the railroad tracks (up to the bridge which was basically not passable) and surrounding area to make 10 miles.

Later on, we had a great time celebrating w/ the family.  Kevin dropped by w/ his son Colin and Ryan and Kristina swung in later on for some food and drinks.  Good times.  Beautiful day.

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