Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 23 (Sunday)

August 23 (Sunday) - Busy day around the house...worked outside in the yard and woods most of the day and STILL didn't get it mowed (it rained off and on).  Finally wrapped up and got the shoes on at around 6pm and hit up a solo lake bang around Silver Lake for I think the first time all year.  Not sure I have a complete traditional lake bang this calendar year...the bugs are usually very bad for most of the spring/summer on the Lead Mine stretch so I don't even bother...and of course in the winter it isn't plowed so it's inaccessible unless on a snowmobile.  According to Strava, since I've started using it and had a GPS watch, I've only done a lake bang around Silver Lake, counter-clockwise,  4 times.  That means every other time I've ever done it, it's been clockwise. I find that hard to believe but maybe it's accurate....or maybe it's just that it's not showing all of them for some technical reason.  This was the quickest I've done it though by far according to Strava, and it didn't feel bad at all, so I guess that's a good thing.  I do remember hammering a couple times that aren't showing up on Strava so maybe it was pre-GPS watch.  I remember one time specifically with Kevin in 2012 when we ran pretty quick in that direction...had to have been when I didn't have my watch.  The bang only has 500 ft. of gain but it's really just in 2 hills on Lead Mine Rd.  The rest is pretty flat.  10.54 miles - 1:07:54.  If I can keep getting a run or two like this in, and feel comfortable doing it, I'll be right where I need to be.

Another 70 mile week.  70.4 miles to be precise.  If you take the .04 to .05 I have to add to each ending of the runs in order for Strava not to screw me out of a tenth of a mile, I'd have a couple more tenths per week ;).  I had 1 double and 1 'short' run this week.  No workouts yet but 3 weeks at around 70 in a row is definitely making progress.  The last 5 weeks have looked like this: 56.9 / 63.8 / 69.7 / 70.1 / 70.4.  That 69.7 mile week was only on 6 days.  I've only taken 1 day off in the last 35 days but have run 39 runs in the last 35 being consistent is one thing I have going for me...which is nice.  Previous to those weeks, the first 4 were: 25.5 / 30.6 / 31.7 / 44 / as I was ramping up towards a consistent number after making the decision to start running again after I thought the leg was beginning to get better.

Last 5 weeks I've gotten in some consistent climbing too... It comes with the territory... I want to try to focus less on the slower climbing and more on the normal miles though...will be basically running in just one part of town every day which kind of sucks but the results start to show....

As I type this though (Monday morning), my leg throbs in pain.  It doesn't really bother me running, but the consistent throbbing most days is probably something I'll have to put up with for a while according to what I've read.  But as long as it doesn't start on me while I'm running, I'll continue to try to build fitness and focus my attention on trying once again to put something special together for 2016.

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