Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21 (Friday)

August 21 (Friday) - 12.2 miles after work with 2200+ feet of gain just in the Trout Pond area.  A nice loop from Andrew's house, up Goe Hill, down the top end of Daniel Ward (Class VI) Rd. to the trail up and over Stacy Mountain down to the snowmobile trails around Trout Pond...then a big loop down to Shawtown around Mary's Mountain (not going to the summit) and then through Shawtown to the climb that is to the northeast of Blazo Mtn. Then back down to the main intersection at the base of Mary's and then back up Goe Hill to E.Madison Rd. and out.  Poured the entire time but it was MUCH better than running in the heat and humidity.

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