Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16 (Sunday)

August 16 (Sunday) - Holy crap it was hot today.  I had grandiose plans last night to get out and go long this morning before the temps blew through the roof.  Needless to day by noon I still hadn't put shorts (or pants) on yet.  It was 90 degrees out and the humidity was outrageous.  I took the girls to the beach and headed out into the West Branch snowmobile trails and into the Pine Barrens for a small loop in there (unfortunately there was no snow in there).  I bailed at 7 miles and jumped in the lake for an hour to cool off.  I took water on the run and kept it at an honest pace on the rather grown-in trails in there, but was cooked.

Later on I headed out for run #2 after making a minor technical error in judgement (i.e. eating leftover Chinese food from last night right before).  Needless to say I bobbed and weaved into the bushes to purge a spring roll and some rice somewhere between miles 2 and 3.  I went out and back for 8 miles nice and relaxed on Rt. 113.  It was dark when I finished and the temps were perfect.  Running in the evening in the summer is pretty sweet. I should try it more often...especially on very hot days.  Happy to get 15 miles in for the day but did it the easy way with 2 runs.

70.1 miles for the week and ONLY  7800 ft. of elevation gain (far less than the near 11k I had last week). I have to stop screwing around with mountains and crazy-hilly loops now and focus on normal runs and try to get the mileage up and pace down. That's how I get fit. There's no way around it.  I've been slowly creeping up the miles each week since running seriously again after my stress fracture.  65 mpw average for the last 4 weeks....slowly moving in the right direction...

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