Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13 (Thursday)

August 13 (Thursday) - Didn't start out until rather late in the day. Wanted to get on softer surfaces as my leg has been sore the last day or so (mostly when I'm not running it is throbbing right in the area where the fracture was).  Got in an easy 7.3 miles in the Goodwin and Burke Town Forests over in Madison/Freedom on snowmobile trails and old mountain trails.  Just parked at the usual junction of Black Brook and Lead Mine and headed in. Went up and over to Goe Hill from the bottom and then headed up Goe Hill to the back of Darin's property on the class VI Daniel Ward Rd.  Then ran down to the trail up to Stacy Mountain. I had done that trail before in the winter either last year or the year before and didn't have my Garmin with me at the time.  Previously, I found a trail down the other side which was very hard to follow (especially in winter). I got lost many times and then finally punched out into an area I had never seen before (or at least that appeared very strange to me in the winter time).  I wanted to get back to that area of dirt road it came out on and find the trail sign I had seen back at the time which really confused me. I had been thinking about it for a while, each time I am in there... wondering .  Because it was getting dark when I first did it, I had to turn and head back up and over the mountain and back down to Darin's to get out of there before dark.  This time, I had more time and it was easier to follow the trail down.  I did get lost on the way up (the trail is very tough to see in spots even though there is pink flagging periodically on the trees I believe put there by Sandy Brown for her horse routes) but managed to finally figure it out after 10 minutes of walking around.  Once over the top, I came down the trail I had found last time and it was easier to follow this time without snow everywhere.  I still got confused a few times so it was very slow going but finally punched out on that section I had found last time.  Now I know exactly where it comes out and I know where I can get that trail up to Stacy Mountain from the normal snowmobile trails in the Trout Pond area.  Very cool.  Especially since I didn't have to go back up and over Stacy again. I just dropped down to the SOS trails again and got back to my car.  If it hadn't been so late, I would have added on, but it was well after 7pm so I called it.  The great news is that the bugs are basically gone!!!

Back on the summit of Stacy Mountain

Almost a view on the way down...

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