Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10 (Monday)

MQ at the Liberty Cabin just below the summit of Chocorua
August 10 (Monday) - 8 miles on the roads in the AM with Mike Quintal who was up for a few days visiting, and BJ and Carson Bottomley.  From my house, up around the 'neighborhood loop' which is hilly as sh*t.  A good 1000 feet of climb almost in the half dirt/half paved loop.

Then in the afternoon, MQ and I hit up Chocorua for a 7.7 mile jaunt up and back on the Liberty Trail.  Another 2900 feet on the day.

Total of 15.7 miles with 3900 or so feet of elevation on the day.  Not bad for the day after running in the Pemi and climbing 3 4000'ers with Ferenc.  Between the last two days, I've had 7300+ feet of climbing.  It may be time to start running on the flat roads again before I get used to the slow pace of these grinds... They definitely make you stronger though.

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