Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30 (Thursday)

July 30 (Thursday) - 9.2 miles solo before work on the roads from the house, up and over E.Madison and down to Fox Rd.  Ran to the end and then turned and headed back. A mile or so of E.Madison Rd. is also still not finished so it's all loose gravel.. Good thing I got this in early today as it was a monsoon after work and I had to watch the girls for a while so I was glad to have randomly decided to do a morning run.  It was a bit humid near the end but not too bad.  I still need to check out the end of Fox Rd. one of these days.  The pavement ends and a rugged dirt road continues towards the area between Lyman Mtn. and 153N.  It could be just a planned extension or a would-be driveway, but I'll check it out some other time.  I always turn around right as it starts.  Doesn't look like there are any houses anywhere near it... I bet Kevin has surveyed in there though.

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