Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27 (Monday)

July 27 (Monday) - 3.3 miles nice and easy at lunch (solo) on the roads.  Super hot and humid in the sun... Then after work, 10.1 miles  - Paugus loop with Ryan and Kristina.  From their house we took the Bolles Trail to Bee Line Cutoff to Bee Line to Old Paugus Trail up and over Paugus and then down Lawrence to Cabin to Whitin Brook Trail and then back out. Wet and wild.  Had a good fall on the way down and about 15 near-misses.  Got back right as it was starting to thunder and lightning out.  13.4 miles on the day.  The Paugus loop was 2500 + ft of climbing and 1:51:48 moving time.... the longest I've been on my feet on a run since going down in May with the injury... slowly moving back into some sort of shape.  Got a ways to go though but this was definitely a positive.

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