Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26 (Sunday)

July 26 (Sunday) - 10.4 miles with Chris Mahoney-Searles (CMS) in Ossipee.  From Gilman Valley Rd. across to Marble Rd. on logging roads and the Corridor 15 snowmobile trail and then up and down Bayle Mtn. to check out the fire damage from earlier this year.  The weather was crap so the summit was in the clouds and there was zero views to be had and it drizzled the entire time...  Good run otherwise though...almost 95 minutes and over 2000 feet of climbing.  That may be the longest time on my feet since I got hurt.  Kind of sad that the Tour is over now.  I watched every pedal stroke again this year.  Not sure what to watch in the mornings now...

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