Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19 (Sunday)

July 19 (Sunday) - Off day.  Got in 7 runs this week and a ride, in 6 days.  Don't want to do too much too soon.  Leg has been bothering me again the last couple days so I'm watching it closely.  Hit 44 miles for the week on really 5 days of running + a 23 mile ride on Saturday so it's another step forward.  3 weeks in a row of 30ish + this week at 44... slowly building hurting bombs.  By hurting, I mean my cardio.  By bombs, I mean the roundness of my belly and ass.

Took the girls to the beach today by myself whilst my wife was out w/ friends.  Constantly switching furiously from diaper changes to cleaning sand out of their mouths and preventing them from running/crawling away from me burned a few calories I'm sure.

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