Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14 (Tuesday)

July 14 (Tuesday) - Lunch run w/ Mike Quintal in Madison on the trails.  Hit the climb up to the Purity Spring Cabin and Bald Ledge and then down across to King Pine for the trails on the backside of Purity Lake.  6.3 miles.  But it ran like a 10 miler.  Hot and some good climbing (all things considered).     Then after work, another 5.3 miles (same road loop as yesterday afternoon) with Quintal and Judson Cake again in Tamworth.  Good solid run w/ the mates.  About 20 seconds faster than yesterday's run over the same course.  Not as hot...it was actually pretty pleasant despite Mike and I eating 3 slices of pizza each, at about 3:15pm.   11.6 miles for the day.

Throwback to 2/12/2011....Worlds collide in Merrimack, NH.  Our pace wasn't quite as hot as this today though.... I will say that Judson probably would have beaten me if he was wearing real snowshoes.  Notice he's NOT wearing DIONS in the below photo....blasphemy.

And below a very blurry image that I cropped out of a larger picture of the Stowe 8 Miler from 5 years ago this week... Right before Michael Quintal (in the background in white) scooted passed me and put the hammer down... It wasn't quite as hot as that day today, but I felt about the same.


  1. See you at the White Mountain Half :)

  2. haha! It's on a weekend that you are busy I'm pretty sure ;)....