Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31 (Friday)

July 31 (Friday) - Early morning Chocorua summit w/ Ryan Welts from his house in Tamworth.  We took the long way.  From his place, up Paugus Rd. to Bolles Tr.  All the way up and down to the Kanc and then up the Champney Brook Tr. up and over Chocorua and down the Liberty Tr.   14.6 miles total and over 3800 feet of climbing.  Longest time on my feet since I got hurt at 2:45:10 (moving time).

This little guy was taking a cat nap in the middle of the road...

This little guy was taking a cat nap in the middle of the road...
The early morning crappy view driving into Ryans house...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30 (Thursday)

July 30 (Thursday) - 9.2 miles solo before work on the roads from the house, up and over E.Madison and down to Fox Rd.  Ran to the end and then turned and headed back. A mile or so of E.Madison Rd. is also still not finished so it's all loose gravel.. Good thing I got this in early today as it was a monsoon after work and I had to watch the girls for a while so I was glad to have randomly decided to do a morning run.  It was a bit humid near the end but not too bad.  I still need to check out the end of Fox Rd. one of these days.  The pavement ends and a rugged dirt road continues towards the area between Lyman Mtn. and 153N.  It could be just a planned extension or a would-be driveway, but I'll check it out some other time.  I always turn around right as it starts.  Doesn't look like there are any houses anywhere near it... I bet Kevin has surveyed in there though.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29 (Wednesday)

July 29 (Wednesday) - 5.6 miles on the trails from the Madison town beach.  Headed up the new Jackman Ridge trail again (but this time in the other direction) and did a small loop in the conservation trails between Cooks Pond and Silver Lake.  Headed out to Hurricane Point and then back to the beach.  Saw a big bear right before I headed out to the point. It was pretty hot and the bugs were seriously bad so I called it early and took a dip in the lake after...very nice end to an easy day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28 (Tuesday)

July 28 (Tuesday) - 9.3 miles easy with Ryan from the Silver Lake Railroad station.  Took the Corridor 19 snowmobile trail up a little to the Chain of Ponds and then ran up to the Boulder and then back on the road.  Bugs were horrendous, hence the road back.  Took a dip in the lake afterwards which was awesome.

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27 (Monday)

July 27 (Monday) - 3.3 miles nice and easy at lunch (solo) on the roads.  Super hot and humid in the sun... Then after work, 10.1 miles  - Paugus loop with Ryan and Kristina.  From their house we took the Bolles Trail to Bee Line Cutoff to Bee Line to Old Paugus Trail up and over Paugus and then down Lawrence to Cabin to Whitin Brook Trail and then back out. Wet and wild.  Had a good fall on the way down and about 15 near-misses.  Got back right as it was starting to thunder and lightning out.  13.4 miles on the day.  The Paugus loop was 2500 + ft of climbing and 1:51:48 moving time.... the longest I've been on my feet on a run since going down in May with the injury... slowly moving back into some sort of shape.  Got a ways to go though but this was definitely a positive.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26 (Sunday)

July 26 (Sunday) - 10.4 miles with Chris Mahoney-Searles (CMS) in Ossipee.  From Gilman Valley Rd. across to Marble Rd. on logging roads and the Corridor 15 snowmobile trail and then up and down Bayle Mtn. to check out the fire damage from earlier this year.  The weather was crap so the summit was in the clouds and there was zero views to be had and it drizzled the entire time...  Good run otherwise though...almost 95 minutes and over 2000 feet of climbing.  That may be the longest time on my feet since I got hurt.  Kind of sad that the Tour is over now.  I watched every pedal stroke again this year.  Not sure what to watch in the mornings now...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25 (Saturday)

July 25 (Saturday) - 9 miles late in the day (solo) from the house to Chocorua Village and back.  Nice hilly route that I probably shouldn't be doing.  Leg was a horror show but I tried to forget about it.  Earlier in the day we took the kids over to Ossipee Lake to Chris and Heather Searles-Mahoney's lakeside bender.  I took the kids out in the water for a bit, Morgan ate some grass and sand, Kristin almost broke a window with a frisbee, and Tabby surprisingly behaved herself for the most part.

Morgan's Ladybug yacht and Tabby's Pink Whale

Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24 (Friday)

July 24 (Friday) - 10 miles in Tamworth on mostly snowmobile trail and single track (plus some dirt roads) with Ryan and Kristina from their new house.  Saw a nice big black bear right at the start of the run.  Leg felt pretty good.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23 (Thursday)

July 23 (Thursday) - 8.3 miles on dirt roads and snowmobile trails with Ryan Welts from his house in Tamworth.  Hit up the Great Hill firetower and some trails (single track and snowmobile trails) in Hemenway State Forest and areas around his house.  Good run.  Leg felt decent.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22 (Wednesday)

July 22 (Wednesday) - 5 miles easy on the roads and trail around Durgin Pond of E. Madison Rd (solo).  Leg was acting up so I didn't want to push it too much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21 (Tuesday)

July 21 (Tuesday) - 8 miles (out and back) on the roads from the house.  Rained a little bit but not bad.  Leg was probably the worst it's been since I got hurt.  Not really pain, but very tight and that 'feeling' is back right in that spot where the fracture was/is.  The plan now is to continue to ice, stretch, massage, and run.  If it starts to hurt (like before) again, I'll stop.  Just over 5 months until indoor track....I mean snowshoe season starts.  I may have time.

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 (Monday)

July 20 (Monday) - Allergies were killing me since yesterday and by the end of the day I wanted to just go to bed....couple that with my leg being a bit off again, it was a miracle I got out at all.  I tried to get Kevin out the door AGAIN but he now takes Mondays off (which is probably a big key to why he's never injured)... I got out late in the afternoon for a slow 6 mile bang in East Madison/Silver Lake, scoping out the new Jackson Ridge Trail.  I had checked it out in the very early Spring (while still snow on the ground) and it looked to be just an out and back up to a highpoint to the west of the Goodwin Town Forest in Madison.  I was basically bushwhacking, trying to follow blue flags and footprints that were basically only roughly marking where the trail was going to go.  I haven't been back there since...and now I knew that they will be doing this hike as part of Old Home Week coming up, so I figured it was done by now.  There are still no signs up but they have secured some funds to get them made up (according to the Conservation Commission's latest meeting minutes) so they should be up soon...but I had an idea of where the trail started so I parked down off of the small pond loop on Lead Mine Rd. and headed out to find the new trailhead.  I found it off of the newer ski trails they cut in last summer.  It was in a slightly different spot than I had found (or thought I found) in the Spring.  There are plastic stakes with yellow ribbons marking where the trail goes from Lead Mine Rd up to the trailhead off the ski trail. I came in from the other end and followed the stakes to the street, then turned and went back until I found the (now very obvious) trailhead up.  All of the new official trail sections are marked by RED pieces of wood nailed to the trees.  It's very easy to follow.  It climbs for a good half mile up a section I hadn't found in the Spring.  It's a rather steep and hard climb but runnable.  The top is the same area I found in the Spring (a small rock pile marking the summit, which has no views).  To my delight, the trail didn't just turn went back down the other side for a long way.  I followed it down down down and it eventually crosses the powerlines and dumps out on Lead Mine Rd. again almost to the end at East Shore Drive.  That end also has some plastic stakes with yellow ribbons.  There is a small field there w/ big rock boulders preventing cars from parking there.  You can immediately cross the road and continue on the older Conservation Commission trails, which I did to make the big loop right back to the car.  My Garmin screwed up right after I crossed the road, as I stopped my watch for a nature break, but the new trail from end to end is 1.5 miles.  A very nice addition to the local trails here in Madison for sure.  I love the fact that you can cut off a piece of Lead Mine Rd. and just take the trail up and over.  It's obviously longer, but you can now make a loop out of it for more dynamic running in that area.

I isolated the section of new trail (Jackman Ridge Tr.) from the good section of my Garmin data that I did get (before I stopped it). Below is the the new trail GPS map... The trail will be great once people start using it and it hardens up a bit.  Right now it's still brand new, so it's soft in spots.  Max Elevation on my GPS was 856 ft at the top and climbs about 321 ft. or so on the East side of the trail going up.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19 (Sunday)

July 19 (Sunday) - Off day.  Got in 7 runs this week and a ride, in 6 days.  Don't want to do too much too soon.  Leg has been bothering me again the last couple days so I'm watching it closely.  Hit 44 miles for the week on really 5 days of running + a 23 mile ride on Saturday so it's another step forward.  3 weeks in a row of 30ish + this week at 44... slowly building hurting bombs.  By hurting, I mean my cardio.  By bombs, I mean the roundness of my belly and ass.

Took the girls to the beach today by myself whilst my wife was out w/ friends.  Constantly switching furiously from diaper changes to cleaning sand out of their mouths and preventing them from running/crawling away from me burned a few calories I'm sure.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18 (Saturday)

July 18 (Saturday) - 23 mile ride (solo).  Madison, Freedom, Tamworth.  Ossipee Lake Rd. bang late in the day.  Forgot about the southern end of E.Madison Rd. being all torn up.  Had to take it real easy going down the backside of it for about a mile and had my backwheel kick out a couple times...Made it a little exciting to say the least.  Just spinnin' the whole time as it's relatively flat after the first 6 miles.  Felt good to get out there and cover some distance on the road on a nice afternoon (just beat out the rain) without doing too much damage to my legs.

Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17 (Friday)

July 17 (Friday) - 6.6 miles at the Mineral Site w/ KT from the summer parking lot.  Snowmobile trail + single track.  Leg was so-so.  Still easing into it but looks like I may have been a little too aggressive this week...backing off this weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16 (Thursday)

July 16 (Thursday) - 10.6 miles on the snowmobile trails and some single track with Andy Drummond and Squall.  From his house at the top of East Madison Rd.  Up Goe Hill and down to the Shawtown/Trout Pond area.  Run up and over Mary's Mountain and then around Trout Pond.  Longest individual run I've done since I got hurt.  Not too bad.  Some slight tenderness in the lower left leg but nothing that alarms me right now.  I got both town lines as well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15 (Wednesday)

July 15 (Wednesday) - 6 miles after work. Out and back on 113/41 (solo).  Nothing much to see here... Just getting used to running every day (or trying to anyways)...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14 (Tuesday)

July 14 (Tuesday) - Lunch run w/ Mike Quintal in Madison on the trails.  Hit the climb up to the Purity Spring Cabin and Bald Ledge and then down across to King Pine for the trails on the backside of Purity Lake.  6.3 miles.  But it ran like a 10 miler.  Hot and some good climbing (all things considered).     Then after work, another 5.3 miles (same road loop as yesterday afternoon) with Quintal and Judson Cake again in Tamworth.  Good solid run w/ the mates.  About 20 seconds faster than yesterday's run over the same course.  Not as was actually pretty pleasant despite Mike and I eating 3 slices of pizza each, at about 3:15pm.   11.6 miles for the day.

Throwback to 2/12/2011....Worlds collide in Merrimack, NH.  Our pace wasn't quite as hot as this today though.... I will say that Judson probably would have beaten me if he was wearing real snowshoes.  Notice he's NOT wearing DIONS in the below photo....blasphemy.

And below a very blurry image that I cropped out of a larger picture of the Stowe 8 Miler from 5 years ago this week... Right before Michael Quintal (in the background in white) scooted passed me and put the hammer down... It wasn't quite as hot as that day today, but I felt about the same.

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13 (Monday)

July 13 (Monday) - am: 4 miles on the roads (solo).  Very hot.   pm: 5.2 miles with Judson Cake on the roads in Tamworth.  Hot as hell.  9.2 miles total on the day.

A side note...I am very touched by the mention of being the Top Male Runner of the first half of the year in the Granite State... Thanks to Andy Schachat for recognizing what I did in that brief flash of brilliance that was January thru April.

Still recovering from the 'training' I was doing yesterday....