Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update (not the update I was hoping for after 51 days)

Well there's good news and bad news.  The good news is that I've run a little (very little) over the course of the last week or so.  I did 2 miles last Thursday very easy on the snowmobile trails.  Then I did 47 minutes (no Garmin but probably close to 5 miles or just a bit over) on Friday on the trails/snowmobile trails w/ MQ the day before Washington.  I didn't run Sat/Sun but had a great time walking around up around 4000 feet.  I then ran 5.6 on Monday and 5.4 yesterday (Tuesday) both with Kevin on the trails (Albany Town Forest on Monday and Conway snowmobile trails/single track on Tuesday).  The bad news is that my leg got progressively worse on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday it was awful.  It's in a DIFFERENT spot though.  It's lower, which makes me think it's maybe shin splints.  I can probably deal with that.  It felt great to run (mentally) but it feels really sh*tty to NOT know what is going on.  Let me elaborate...

My experience w/ the hospital hasn't been great to be honest.  It's not what I expect for a rather simple issue.  The timeline is as follows...

May 2 - Raced 5k and had no problems at all.
May 3 - May 9 - I ran through intense pain seemingly right away on the 3rd and finally on the 9th decided it was time to get an x-ray.
May 10 - Day off.  Only 2nd day off all year.
May 11 - X-ray in the ER at Memorial.  The doctor says it's a 'stress reaction'.  Tells me to 'take a few days off at least'.  Took a week to be safe.
(May 11 - May 17 - No running.)
May 18 - after a week off...I run 1 mile and have some discomfort in the area around a half mile in.
(May 19 - May 25 - No running.) Another week to be safe.
May 26 - after another week off I run 1 mile again very easy and don't have much of any issues.
(May 27 - May 30 - No running.)
May 31 - Ran 2 miles with little issue (very easy).
June 1 - Ran 3 miles with little to no issue (easy).
June 2 - Ran 4 miles with little to no issue (easy).
June 3 - Had Primary Care appointment where the doctor ran over to the orthopedist, they brought up my x-ray from May 11, and they saw the fracture.  I get an appointment the next day with orthopedist.  I don't run because now I'm pretty disappointed and scared I'll make it worse now that I actually know what it is.
June 4 - I see the orthopedist.  This was the ONLY good thing about this entire experience...they got me in to see the orthopedist the very next day.  That was pretty good.  However,  the appointment was basically talking about it and not much more (I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but going to the doctors lately just seems like a lot of 'talking' and then 'lets schedule something with someone else'.)  I didn't learn much more than I already knew.  He touched my leg a little but nothing more.  He did show me the images on a much better monitor and showed me the line where the fracture supposedly is (but he's not 100% about where it is currently until we have the bone scan, as the x-ray was over 3 weeks old).  He mentioned MRI but said to really know, we need to do a bone scan.  They were going to schedule it for me and told me it would only be a day or two after insurance clears, etc. and 'we'll get you right in'....  I had to call back multiple times over the next few days (and let the weekend go by).  Finally I find out the scan was for JULY 1 after a run around and transferring back and forth.  Almost a month out!  I obviously b*tched about it and then finagled a bone scan at 'nearby' Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro for much than July 1.  They claimed to not have known that the bone scan schedule was that backed up.  It took me days to find this out and complaining about it, for them to get it scheduled at Huggins (who does it daily as opposed to Memorial who does it 1 day a week).
(June 3 - June 17 - No running.). 
June 15 - Bone Scan in Wolfeboro at Huggins Hospital (which was a pleasant experience but maybe because I 'thought' I was getting somewhere).
June 17 - Follow up with Orthopedist office 2 days later.  They did NOT get the images from Huggins and then made no attempt to call me about it...I just went in and it was a waste of time.  They just got a 2 sentence report by the radiologist at Huggins who doesn't know my issue, that made no sense to me when the orthopedist read it off to me.  It almost sounded like it was more of a stress reaction in the left side and it was not conclusive and there was not much I was told other than we need more tests.... but the ortho didn't see the images so he couldn't even comment.  I basically sat there and we talked about the same stuff.  I learned pretty much nothing new.  He asked me if I got a disc with the images and if I had it with me.  Not really my responsibility and to be honest,  and I started to really lose faith that I was moving in the right direction.  To my utter amazement and disbelief I was suggested to get an MRI now.  Yet another test, now well over a month later, for more money and more time.  A test that I was told was NOT as good as the bone scan...I thought we were skipping to the chase with the bone scan but now I was actually asked 'have you reached your deductible, because I have an idea...lets do an MRI'.  They had me fill out a release so they could have the images from the bone scan (which I believe was a waste of my time and money) sent to their office so the doctor could look at it.  This was on Wednesday of last week.  I was told I would be called.  Nothing.  I figured I'd hear at the earliest, Friday....  The deal kind of was that we'd schedule the MRI but we may cancel it if the images from the scan reveal anything new or unexpected, etc.
June 18 - 2 miles very easy in the woods, as he told me the day before to 'try running on it and if you have no pain, lets start testing it out'.
June 19 - 47 minutes (5+ miles) in the woods.  No real issues other than some discomfort.
June 22 - 5.6 miles in the woods w/ KT.
June 23 - 5.4 miles in the woods w/ KT.
June 24 (Wednesday (TODAY)) - I have to call the ortho's office because no one has contacted me.  I need to give the hospital 24 hours notice to cancel the MRI which is on Friday (in 2 days)  I ask the woman on the phone what the deal is.  Has anyone seen my images?  Do I still need the MRI?   She puts me on hold for a few minutes and comes back with 'yes, he still wants you to get the MRI'.  I ask again...'has he seen the images'?  The answer basically is 'yes, and he still wants you to get the MRI'.  Thanks for almost nothing to be honest.

Needless to say, I called and cancelled the MRI immediately.  I really don't care if I need it at this point. I don't want to sh*t that hospital any more money to be honest.   They are not doing a very good job at making sure the customer is satisfied by any means.  Would it have been too much to follow up with me at any point when they said they were going to?  I'm not going to continue to f*ck around with scheduling tests.  I had an x-ray 44 days ago.  I know nothing more now than I did then.  No diagnosis.  Still wanting to schedule more tests.  Incredible.  Thank God this isn't a true emergency.  I missed a bunch of races and running...big deal.  In the grand scheme of things, that's not the end of the world, but it's been a very frustrating summer so far and no one should be dragged on and on like this.  I'm closing the book on working with Memorial on this issue and if I need any further advice or help, I'm going elsewhere.  They don't care.  It's not their leg.  I don't like to be jerked around frankly and no one is going out of their way to stop me from being jerked around.  No one else I know has been left out to dry this long when they have an injury like this.

For now, I'm icing and stretching and running short and easy to see if I can get back to basics.  I'm not throwing any more money at this issue because I have a feeling it's going to be 'rest, ice, and start back slowly'...I think I've already go that covered.  Now that I've missed all the races I gave a sh*t about this year, I don't mind taking the time to try to ramp back up or just let it heal and start new next year.

The entire issue so far...

May 3 - June 24 - 
Total days: 51
Total days off from running completely: 42
Total days running at least 1 mile: 9
Total miles run in that span: 29

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  1. Thinking of you man. Hopeful that since it is on the move, it is a good sign.