Friday, June 26, 2015

More bullsh*t from Memorial Hospital plus some fishing...

I got a call yesterday (Thursday) from the doctor.  He left a VM around 10am.  I called him back when I noticed the message, about an hour later.  He was nice enough to speak to me directly.  It most likely was the direct result of me being obviously upset on the phone the day before (to his staff) and then canceling the MRI and them catching wind of it.   He started the VM with 'I understand you have some questions...'.  I wasn't about to get into it on the phone so I just basically told him that I wasn't throwing any more money at this issue.  He seemed pretty surprised but said 'fair enough' and basically that was it.   He said if there was anything else he could do for me, just ask...I almost started to laugh. I wanted to tell him that 'doing your job' would be a good start.  Or at least have you staff help you out and do the right thing.... but I just left it alone.

To my utter amazement, he admitted that the disc they sent him from the bone scan at Huggins was the SAME disc I got, with NO diagnostic images at all.  Just a couple of low-res screenshots.  I almost died.  Here it is, another week later, and they did NOT tell me that.  I had to call and bug them.  What an absolute waste.  A waste of my time and a waste of my money.  After I wasted more of my time and money going to the 'follow up' at Memorial, they got the disc sent via UPS and requested it last week (this was only after I SUGGESTED IT).  What the hell is going on over there?!?  Why would I have to suggest that they request the images?  I am assuming, since that was Wednesday of last week, that they got the disc either before the weekend or at the latest, the beginning of this week.  The doctor and/or his office did NOT apparently bother to reach back out to Huggins to get another disc with the right images after they saw they were the wrong ones!!!!  Again, I don't even catch wind of this until I call and complain.  They basically just figured since I was scheduled for the MRI, they could sweep the bone scan under the rug and forget about it.  My wallet won't forget about it though...and the hours I spent away from home, getting this done.  Incredible.  They send me for a bone scan (originally scheduled for NEXT WEEK), I spend hours over there between the shot and the scan and waiting for the disc (which had nothing on it) and then they basically just disregard it, don't even bother to follow up to get the right images, and expect me to shell out more money for another test.  Why they wouldn't immediately call Huggins and tell them they got the wrong disc is beyond me.  I am just floored at how bad the service is.  They just expect me to apparently do either do the legwork or not care if they are dragging their feet on this.  I don't ever treat my customers this way and that is ONLY SOFTWARE.  This is someone's health.

And to make matters worse, they flat out LIED to me on the phone. Yes, I'm saying it... They lied to me.  I called on Wednesday and asked them about the images and whether the doctor looked at them and whether or not I still need the MRI.  The woman on the phone said 'YES, HE LOOKED AT THE IMAGES AND STILL WANTS YOU TO GET THE MRI'.  I don't care how you try to spin it, that is deceitful and a flat out lie.  He admitted that the images they needed were NOT sent.  It was just the two screencaptures I had.   I suppose in a court of law they can say 'well, technically he looked at the images on the disc even though they were the wrong ones'.... but really...are we about to go that route?  Could they not have told me on Wednesday when I called, that they got the wrong disc?   He confirmed that with me on the phone that they didn't send the right disc and that 'the person over at Huggins' probably doesn't know how to burn the right images'.  Wow.  It's beginning to look like a pretty unorganized and low-rent operation to me.  He admitted multiple times that he wants to see the images....he needs to see the make an informed decision.  Well, no images...and I keep getting the run around.  Now let me just say that while the actual doctor appears to be a very nice and knowledgeable guy (and people have actually suggested multiple times that I go see him because he's good), the whole thing just sucks in the way it has been handled. I appreciate him reaching out directly but this is after I complained to the staff about not being contacted when I was told I would be (multiple times over the last 'x' amount of weeks) and after I cancelled the MRI.  Only after all this, does he reach out.  I am now confident it is all about the dollar at this point.  Memorial didn't get me for the bone scan, so they are going to get me for the MRI (or at least try).  The bumbled my x-ray diagnosis multiple times seemingly, they don't particularly care about taking weeks and weeks to schedule tests and just leaving me hanging, and they don't care about trying to follow up, keep me updated, and do their part in making sure they have what they need to do their job.

Needless to say I'm not going back there for anything other than an emergency.  If I need to schedule a doctors appointment or something that isn't time-sensitive, I am traveling to a better hospital, with a staff that is competent enough to do the job they are paid to do without harming the patients or wasting people's time and money.

On a side note, I spent the day at my parents lake and caught 2 small but delicious bass.

Tabby Rose and daddy in grampy's kayak...
it could always be worse...


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