Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Follow up...

Got a call back from the orthopedist today.  They finagled a bone scan for me in Wolfeboro on Monday.  I guess Wolfeboro does more frequent scans (2 days a week instead of the 1 at Memorial).  Monday is better than July 1 so I took it.  They did admit again that they were unaware of the frequency (or infrequency) of the scans at Memorial.  That is a bit weird to me because you'd think they'd order a lot of bone scans, being the orthopedist...and they'd know by now how booked they are and how many days a week they do it.  They told me that they 'learned something' I guess that's good.  I have a follow up w/ the doctor on that following Wednesday so he can review the scan results. I am hoping they have them back by then and they get the data from Huggins to Memorial without issue.  My injection is at 8am and the scan is at 11am.  A fun morning down at the big lake for sure.  Today my leg was kind of bothering me all day. It probably had to do with me standing on a ladder for 5 hours painting the back of the house....that no one sees.

Kristin brought up the point today after she read my last blog post that I neglected to mention that I dusted off my Playstation (for you newbs out there, that's the PS 1, circa 1997) since I got hurt.  I only own a few games for it and only played 2 with any regularity.  I bought it solely for Final Fantasy VII in 1997. I then got Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and love to play that from time to takes a lot less time to get through than FFVII.  Probably my 2 favorite games ever.  I wasn't much of a 'gamer'.  I didn't have a system newer than that PS1. I had a handful of SNES and NES games as a kid (as well as Atari and Intellivision)...  I couldn't find Castlevania this time around  but I found Final Fantasy in the attic.  I reluctantly popped it in last week after I realized I suck at being active right now.  I play here and there and played the entire time it was raining out the last couple days.  Needless to say, I'm on disc 2 of 3 now and about 40 hours in.  Yes 40.  How lame is this.  At least it's keeping me off my feet.  I have it hooked up to one of my computer monitors.  The other monitor is simultaneously playing My Little Pony movies on Netflix while Tabby sits here and wonders what I am doing, mashing buttons and flipping through strategy guides.


  1. Now THIS is some quality reading material.

  2. Have fun collecting all that materia!