Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Mount Washington Road Race

Well, it's pretty incredible but I was on the sidelines for this race this year.  I wasn't alone in that situation as there were plenty of other guys sidelined as well (some far faster than I am at the hill)...but it's still pretty crazy that I wasn't on the starting line.  What I was able to do however, was get up to just past the 4000 foot mark (over 4 miles in) and get some great footage (via my iPhone) of the entire field of entrants (who made it to 4 miles at least). I did miss one woman unfortunately as we were driving down. I fumbled for my camera but didn't get her.  I got everyone else though.  I split up the footage into 7 parts.  Mike Quintal and I were doing the commentary and some of the moments are pretty funny.  As the race went on and the middle and back of the pack runners came by, more and more funny moments ensued and there were some really cool people out there talking and commenting on the race as they went by.  Even though I wasn't running, I still enjoyed myself up there and vow never to miss this race again as long as I can at least walk it.

For now, here are all the clips below.  Most of these are in 9 minute chunks but all are pretty entertaining in parts.

Part 1 - Top 9 Men at 4 miles.  Joe Gray doing his thing...

Part 2 - Most of the faster field and a lot of the top women.

Part 3 - More fast men and women (a good chunk of the women's good local NE field).

Part 4 -

Part 5 -

Part 6 -

Part 7 -

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  1. This is great, man! Thanks so much for the footage