Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week of April 20-26

Week of April 20-26

Fell behind on some posting... so I'll recap the week that was...

Weekly Mileage: 78.5 miles
Good week for sure.  Short day on Thursday because it was my birthday.  I'm officially old now.  38. Holy crap.  I'm as old as Justin Freeman now... but still slower.   Had an OK workout... And had a much better race.... It was a very good race on Sunday and possibly close to a PR run for me at the distance.  And I'm almost 50 grand more in debt.

April 20 (Monday) - 9 miles (trails). Raining the entire time... Corridor 19 to Mason Brook trail and then up to the the junction of the Black Cap Connector and then back down in a loop.  Had to add on a slight bit at the car to make 9.  The trails were a mess at first (tons of water from the railroad tracks all the way in about a quarter mile or so) then they got better until I got up high and then there was actually fresh fallen snow blanketing everything and some DEEP snow patches for a bit here and there.  It got progressively better as I dropped down and by the time I hooked a left back onto the single track near the base of Peaked, it was fine.  Had to go shopping and wanted to try to stay out of the rain so it 'seemed' like a good idea at the time...

April 21 (Tuesday) - 11.5 miles (roads) - from house, 113, 41 out to Carved in Bark neighborhoods...around that entire loop and then back.  Kept things slightly elevated and felt decent except a couple of small calf pains on the LEFT side, which is new.  Definitely just lingering from being tight and not stretching a lot recently.

April 22 (Wednesday) - AM: 5 miles (roads) - from house down along the lake and back.  PM: 11.5 miles as a track workout.  Had calf pain since yesterday so I almost bailed on it but decided to try miles instead of the 2 mile repeats I had planned on.  2.25 mile w/up + 6 x mile at 10k pace (well, desired 10k pace...eventually).  Went 5:08 / 5:07 / 5:06 / 5:08 / 5:07 / 5:08 (w/ 400 jog in between).  I was targeting 5:10s.  I think that's probably a little aggressive right now, but it can't hurt to be a little quicker with these.  This is a rehash of the 6 x mile I did this past winter (but at 5:10s and on the treadmill). It felt about the same but my calf was giving me problems near the end.  The wind also picked up and it started to rain.  The last one was tough w/ a headwind seemingly the entire time.  2 mile cooldown.  16.5 miles total on the day.

April 23 (Thursday) - Happy 38th birthday to me...yikes.  AM: 5 miles (roads) from Albany Service Station back to my house.  Had family over after work so didn't get out for another one... good times though.... I don't feel a day over 37.

April 24 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles (roads).  Normal out and back on the roads.  I usually make fun of people who complain about New England weather and who are surprised about how sh*tty the weather is sometimes...but I have to April usually this cold and fr*ggin windy?  It's getting ridiculous.  PM: 10.3 miles (roads) with Darin Brown from the Madison town beach.  Neighborhood loops in Madison, Tamworth, Ossipee.  15.3 miles total on the day.

April 25 (Saturday) - 8.5 miles (roads/trails).  Chain of Ponds loop from my house.  Easy trails/roads.

April 26 (Sunday) - 3.5 mile w/ up (3 with Derrick Hamel) and then 6.2 milesChief Maloney 10k (results) in Stratham/Greenland, NH.  1st OA.  31:45.  3 mile cooldown with Hamel.  12.7 miles total.  Best run in a long time.  I had 6.15 on my Garmin so it was close but I'd probably add a few more seconds ...pretty close if not still under 32 for the run though.  My Garmin was right on point with all the miles and was right exactly on 6 miles at the 6 mile marker but I was only 43 seconds for the last .15... so I think the last .05 or so would have put me right around 32 minutes... (course map) A very good run though.  Led from the gun and rolled.  I'm getting into decent shape and am excited about more 10ks this year...

On the way home from the race, dropped off at Portsmouth Ford and picked up the new family whip...  Explorer Sport...fully loaded to the brim.  Now if only I'll ever get a chance to drive it ;)...  The inside of this thing is like Studio 54...


  1. I wish you had written about your Monday run before I ran my awful Tuesday run. At least, you were smart enough to go left after the Mason Brook Trail ended instead of right like I did. Nightmare from then on out.

  2. I did write about it...just didn't post it ;)