Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8 (Wednesday)

April 8 (Wednesday) - No lunch run as I had some work to do so I just got out once after work and before the snow started flying.  Initially intended to go a bit longer, but ended up calling it at 14 miles.  Slow, hilly loop through Madison, Eidelweiss, Conway, and Eaton.  Planned on just running easy and recovering from yesterday's uptempo run.  Everything was working to plan until I got halfway up Glines Hill (about 10.5 miles in) and the road was not plowed.  Big mistake. I was committed and continued to just posthole up the steepest part of the worst hill in the area.  It got progressively worse as I went along.  There was nowhere to go but up and right in the middle of the road where someone had previously postholed.  It made it tolerable for a bit (but still almost walking) until the top of the hill and then the snow got a lot deeper. I was up to my knees for another quarter mile or more down to the first house on the Madison side (or should I say the last house on the Madison side).  Finally I was able to actually 'run' again after dropping a 13 minute mile.  Cut it short when I got up and over to Pound Rd and just dropped back down to my house.

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