Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5 (Sunday)

April 5 (Sunday) - 18 miles in the afternoon.  10 miles relatively easy (solo) on the roads of hilly East Madison and then swung into the Brown's to pick up Darin and Nick....  Then 8 miles with Nick Brown (and a couple in the middle with Darin until we lost him).  Was planning on going a little longer but there was a mix up w/ Darin breaking off the back and then Nick and I doubling back the wrong way to look for the time I swung by my house again, I was disinterested in the last couple miles and called it at 18.

It took a few tries, but we 'almost' got a good family Easter photo where we were all looking at the camera.  We took maybe half a dozen and in all of them, Morgan is looking at me instead of at the camera.

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