Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4 (Saturday) - Todd's Trot

April 4 (Saturday) - Headed down to Todd's Trot 5k (results) in Durham, NH.  Darin Brown picked me up and we shot down to a race I've wanted to do for some years now.  I'm glad I crossed it off the list.  I enjoy running some new races now and then.  He had to pick up his son at UNH anyways, so we killed two birds with one stone by hitting up the race this morning.

I had about 4 miles of warmup including running the course (with Darin and Nate Huppe) plus some strides and other warming up before the race.

I hit splits of 5:10 / 5:02 / 5:11.  The last mile was tough with a decent hill before a nice downhill and flat section to the finish.  The course is pretty slow though. I was talking w/ some others yesterday who've run it before and they mentioned unanimously that it teeters on 20-25 seconds on the slower side.  It's got some twists and turns plus some decent little ups here and there.  Maybe about one hill per mile that just add a few seconds here and there.   I was pretty surprised at how slow the first mile was.  I was certain I'd at least hit 4:50s but it was deceivingly slow.  I was getting blown out by 1.5 and felt I was going pretty damn hard.   The dude who won was there from West Point with the entire West Point Marathon Team (that Todd was a member of).  It was cool to have one of them win.  He was pretty legit and led from the gun.  He's a 2:25 marathoner who's running Boston in a couple weeks.  I was in second for a brief bit but ended up running in third almost the entire way.  The wind wasn't a factor thank God.  I had a big group of the West Point guys right behind me the entire race.  I was thinking I wouldn't even be top 5 or 6 but was able to hold them off.

I came through in a surprising 16:01 which I have got to think is worth a bit faster on a flatter course for sure.  Justin Fyffe's 15:09 from 2009 is amazing.  I got $50 for my efforts.  That's 2 cashes in 3 weeks... not bad.

Another 2 miles easy with Nate and Darin and made it back right before the awards.  Then Darin and I headed over to UNH to pick up Alex and were home by 12:30 or so.  Good day overall...good speed work...good race experience....and good to get another race under my belt this year.  I would have definitely had a better chance running mid 15 at SEA 5k or even Rochester maybe, but I was glad I went to Todd's and finally got a chance to check out that race.  It's not a PR course and I may opt out in the future now that I know it's not a spot to bang out a quick 5k (especially in April) but it's a great event and I was proud to support Todd's family and the memorial scholarship fund.

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