Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2 (Thursday)

April 2 (Thursday) - Worked from Wakefield today.  Was down there very early this morning to help my dad and brother dig out my parents house, help turn the heat and water back on, and chop up the huge pine that fell right next to the house.  I worked on chipping away ice and snow for a couple hours.  Then later I took a chainsaw to the tree for a while and stacked a ton of wood and branches out of the way.  Still a ton of snow in the yard too.  I was really tired and sore but still got out later on in the day for 11 miles down around the Moore's Pond neighborhood and back.  Absolutely beautiful day and it was really quiet out there today for some reason.  Not a lot of people out on the roads and it was just really still and noticeably quieter than normal.  Calm before the storm.   Good to see my dad again.  Haven't seen either of my parents since December.

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