Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15 (Wednesday)

April 15 (Wednesday) - 5 miles at lunch nice and easy.  Then later after work, decided on a short track workout, which was essentially a compromise.  Originally I wanted to do 6 x mile this week but decided to do the double last weekend.  So with 2 races over the weekend I really didn't want to do a workout on the usual Tuesday as I wasn't really fully recovered.  And with a possible race again on Friday (still up in the air on that one), I didn't want to do too much on Wednesday and only have Thursday in between.  I was tempted to just do a normal run this afternoon but compromised on just 3 x 1 mile to get in some work but not overdo it.   Did 2 mile warmup on the God awful rec trail behind the high school (a lot of the trails this time of year are completely useless and borderline counter productive) and almost fell twice because of the mud and ice.    Then just jumped onto the track and into 3.5 miles as 3 x mile at 5:02 / 5:03 / 5:00 with 400 in between in 1:44/1:45.  I wanted around 5:05 so this wasn't bad but the wind was ridiculous.  I had a hard time gauging the times because I was getting blown around bigtime.  2.5 miles cooldown on the roads.  8 miles total and 13 total miles on the day.  Some stomach issues on the cooldown and on the way home... I'll live.

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