Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14 (Tuesday)

Hurricane Point - Silver Lake, NH
April 14 (Tuesday) - 8 miles of easy trails.  Didn't want to travel far so stayed in town and just explored some of the sights of the southeast part of Madison.   Snow, mud, ice, etc.  Not ideal. Trails definitely are not ready for primetime but still not a bad easy day.  Took one major digger in shockingly VERY deep snow on the shore of Cooks Pond.  Head first.  Other than that, I basically wanted to scope out the newly proposed Jackman Ridge trail in Madison.  It rises up out of Goodwin Town Forest and peaks out at the top (914 feet according to my elevation app on my phone).  I ran on what I thought was the trail and then lost it and bushwhacked (I HATE that) up to where I finally found blue flagging and boot prints from the person who laid out the plans for the trail.  There was absolutely no trail work done so it was basically more bushwhacking except this time, following flags.  I got to the top and found a very clear area with a cairn marking the summit.  I turned and tried to follow it back down but lost the flags multiple times and had to keep stopping.  I then had to choose between multiple routes of blue flags after a certain point.  Finally made my way down to Lead Mine again and crossed over and ran some of the conservation trails over to Hurricane Point on Silver Lake.  Made a quick trip out to the point and then back over some more conservation trails back to Lead Mine and then back through the Goodwin Forest trails a bit more to make 8 miles even.  Not really productive but a rest day nonetheless... and got a couple of decent views in.

Moose Poop Galore

Moose Poop Galore

Cooks Pond

E.E. Cummings was here...

Chocorua looming...

Almost ready for a swim...

Silver Lake, NH - Whiteface, Passaconaway, and Chocorua

This is what I had to contend with on half the run... not really worth it just yet...

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