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April 12 (Sunday) - Reds 5 Miler

April 12 (Sunday) - I was back at it again on Sunday down in Dover, NH.  Should I get a weekend place down on the seacoast?  We're thinkin' about it....   This time, the scene of the crime was the second half of the 'Dover Double'.   Red's Shoe Barn 5 Miler (results) also now known as "Reds Race for a Better Community"...  I've done this race 4 times now (3 wins and a 2nd place).  After doing yesterday's race, I wasn't sure how I'd feel for this one...

The entire family (Tabby, Kristin, Me, and little Morgan in the carriage)... Tabby not looking too happy.
The weather shaped up to be great for running and I made the trip down with the whole Johnson clan for the first time.  Kristin and both of the girls joined me.  It was really a great time and great to have them there.  Also making the quick trip down was my parents who got to see me race again this year for the first time.  With everyone in attendance, the pressure was a little more than usual.  It was the first time my girls have been to a race.  I was feeling pretty sore from Saturday's 5k.  My calves were a bit tight and sore and my back was a little tight.  I headed out for an out and back 3 + miles on the Red's course and was joined right near the end by Sam Wood.  Aside from Sam and some Six03 guys (including Matt Garfield who was 3rd at SMA on Saturday) I didn't really recognize anyone else I saw... That is until I got back to the starting line right before the race and saw Jason Dedonato standing there.  Jason is  a fellow UML guy (but about 10 years after I was there)...  I figured I was looking at trying to get 2nd place at that point.

As the race went off, I moved into my plan right away of trying to hit 5:10-5:15 (as long as my legs would hold up).  Jason was right off my shoulder.  I moved up the road and hooked the first left onto Court St. and just tried to relax.  There's climbing gently for the first mile almost the entire way.  I hit the mile in 5:09.  Right about where I wanted.  I felt really good and I had put a very small gap on Jason but not a lot.

Photo by Kristin

Photo by Kristin

Photo by Daniel Aaron Sprague
The second mile is pretty quick and has some slight drop and flat with only one small bump.  I was 5:05 (10:14 through 2 miles) and felt pretty strong still.  Very controlled and void of any leg issues from the previous day.  I knew that the middle part of the course was pretty challenging and tried to just keep up the intensity and move away from Jason.  I was glad Jason was there as it kept me honest about the run.  I was running nervous and pushed up through the third mile, which has got some stead slight uphill.

Photo by Daniel Aaron Sprague

I was 5:15 for my 3rd mile and moving well into the start of the 4th mile and starting to put more of a gap on Jason.  The 4th mile starts pretty fast but ends with a god awful hill up through 4 and the beginning of mile 5.  I felt gassed as I made my way up the last hill and split 4 miles in just under 21 minutes 20:47 or so).  I should have known then that sub 26 was a real possibility.  Even though the last mile starts with the last bit of the uphill, it finishes with a crazy drop and you lose basically everything you gained in the first few miles.  I admittedly mailed it in about 3/4 the way down the hill and just was running to try to hold off the win.  I sort of miscalculated how close it was going to be... I remember hammering this downhill back in 2011 when I ran 25:25 (4:55 for that split that year).  This year my last mile was 5:04.  So not quite as aggressive.

I bottomed out at the base of the hill (passing Kristin and Tabby standing on the side of the road) and pushed towards the finish with a seemingly half-hearted effort in the last 200 meters or so.  I thought I would be way passed 26:00 and wasn't really aware of how close it was until I was within sight of the clock.  26:02 for a final time but more importantly, a nice win in front of my whole family and the back-to-back old school double complete.

Photo by Kristin

Top 10 Overall (Plus CMS in Blue):

126:025:13Jim Johnson      37East Madison NH
227:075:26Jason Dedonato   28Newmarket NH   
329:075:50Matt Garfield    27Wells ME       
429:165:52Denise Sandahl   34Bow NH         
529:475:58Phil Erwin       47Wading River NY
630:016:01Randy MacNeill   53Epping NH      
730:146:03Isaac St Martin  35Manchester NH  
830:336:07Ryan Clark       26Barrington NH  
930:586:12Tom Doherty      30Dover NH       
1031:196:16Mike Barry       58Northwood NH   
1131:406:20Sam Wood         28Laconia NH     

560 Total Finishers.

Fosters Article:

My History at Reds:

2015 - 1st - 26:03
2011 - 1st - 25:25
2010 - 1st - 25:56
2009 - 2nd - 27:16

Also, they announced 'Mr Dunham' as having the course record according to my Dad.  He told me the announcer called him 'Mr Dunham'.  It is obvious he didn't know Dave.  Mr. Dunham is Dave's father. ;)...

I cooled down a couple miles on the Children's Museum course with Sam Wood. Sam was basically there because his company was involved with the race and was just running it for a workout and support the race.  Good to see him though and talk about the upcoming summer racing season.

My Dad filmed the start, finish, and awards (top 2 men):

The Start:

The Finish:

The Awards:

Some additional family shots...

Post race...

Post race cool shot by Daniel Aaron Sprague

Tabby Rose (Photo by Kristin)

Tabby Rose and her daddy... (Photo by Kristin)

After the race, we all went back up to East Wakefield for the day.  I helped my dad shovel, rake, move some rocks, and cut up and move the big tree that was still blocking their yard.  We all had a nice lunch and left around dinner time.  Great weekend and great day of racing and family time.

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