Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3 (Tuesday)

March 3 (Tuesday) - 6 miles at lunch on the roads in Madison.  Beautiful day out there.  Took it easy and just rolled down to the small town beach on the west side of the lake and then headed back.

After work, I headed over to the Mill for a workout.  2 mile warmup (16:00) and then 4 x 2 miles with .25 in between each.  Hit 10:36 / 10:38 / 10:37 / 10:34.   Decent workout.  Probably could have done a couple more without much issue.  The only thing that was remotely an issue was the pounding on the treadmill getting to my legs a little bit.  Hit the .25 in between each set in about 2:10-2:15.  10 minute cooldown (1.25 miles).  1:14:55 for 12 miles.  18 miles on the day.

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