Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28 (Saturday)

March 28 (Saturday) - Headed over to the Mill late morning to run on the mill but the place was mobbed.  People had just gotten on each treadmill and there were already people waiting. I immediately signed out and left.  Headed back home and just did an out and back to Darin's (5 miles) on the roads.   It was snowing pretty good and my foot was killing me. I woke up to a foot issue out of nowhere.  It's been bothering me all day. It's reminiscent of the foot pain that I had in the World 50k Championships in the Netherlands 4 years ago.   Not sure what brought it on, but it's really sharp shooting pain on the outside of the foot and is especially bad when I wiggle my toes.

On the plus side, we got an ad hoc family photo with the Easter Bunny down in Portsmouth today.  Tabby was too upset being by herself so we all had to get in the photo to calm her down.

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