Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19 (Thursday)

March 19 (Thursday) - 10 miles easy on the mill after work.  Got there a little earlier than usual and pinned up a giant poster of Kevin that I had made up special, and stared at it for 75 minutes for inspiration.

In other running news, a very interesting statement by the team known for one of the best uniforms in New England, the Western Mass Distance Project (statement link).   They are basically boycotting the USATF-NE Grand Prix this year (and maybe for coming years).  Looks like there are multiple reasons...some are pretty obvious.  Give the article a glance.

I'm unintentionally (individually) boycotting the USATF-NE GP just because I'm not a fan of most of the races from year to year.  It has got nothing to do with race quality and certainly nothing to do with any RDs, volunteers, etc.  They all do a great job I'm sure.   I've done enough GPs over the years and have come to the conclusion that I just don't like building my schedule around races I wouldn't normally go to (if they weren't New England Championship races).  I want to run the races I want to run and compete in series I want to compete in, based on my interest in the race, the town it's held in, the distance, etc.  If some of those happen to coincide with the Grand Prix, great.  If not, I'm not really worried about it anymore.  I used to be very excited about the GP but now, after all that is happened with USATF over the last couple years plus me getting grouchy in my old age,  I really didn't even want to sign up for my membership this year....the only reason I really did (finally) is because if I do decided to do a GP race, I'd need to be a member so I could score for the team.  I was pumped for Vermont City at the end of last year when we voted for the slates and really wanted to do it, but I kind of bailed on that idea later in the winter after really sitting down and thinking about my race plans and goals.  It conflicts with some other races I want to do and it isn't a distance I'm interested in training for right now (not that I've trained for any marathons I've ever done since 2010 but still)... I will most certainly regret not going as I probably can do well at the marathon this Spring, but I've made the decision to not focus on it and run a few other races I enjoy this Spring instead.  In looking at the GP schedule for me, personally I think I would be up for the Hollis 5k in June, maybe Bobby Doyle in August, and perhaps the Seasons 20k and Lone Gull 10k in September.  Right now, I can't see many conflicts with those races and would probably be in for those.  Hopefully not only will I be healthy for those races by that time, but also my teammates as well.  I do miss coming across the line, turning around, and seeing a hoard of CMS jerseys come blasting in as I count places and try to figure out how much we won by.  Those were great days.  This year, I'll probably be coming across the line after pointing up ahead and counting how many CMS guys finished ahead of me, and trying to figure out if we won or not :).... But I'll take either one.

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