Sunday, March 15, 2015

Catching up - From NH Champs through March 15

I fell off a little bit after the snowshoe season wrapped up 2 weekends ago as far as the daily blogging goes.  Right after finishing the NH Championships up at Castle in the Clouds I had a very sore and tight right leg (hamstring, calf, and achilles).  I needed a recovery week (+) to make sure I didn't continue to do any damage.  My body was telling me to calm down a bit so I obliged.  I had just put together over 4 months of quality base and some workouts but mostly all on the treadmill, which started to take it's toll (as it did to me last year about this time).  It's nothing I haven't gone through before but it was enough to make me think twice about running / racing through it and possibly spoil the rest of my plans for the Spring.  So I backed off.  I didn't miss any days, but did drop the volume and intensity down significantly.  I got outside a few times and really just tried to do my best to heal up.  It's still an issue, but it's getting slightly better.   I missed a race opportunity last Saturday (there were a number of NH races I was planning on choosing between but alas I decided to rest and not risk it).  I obviously didn't go to New Bedford to help the team out, but even if I was planning on doing that, I wouldn't have made the line.  I'm just glad I didn't waste the team's money as NB isn't cheap.

Here's what I was up to during the down week...

Sunday (March 8) - 8 miles (slow) on the mill very late in the day (60:00).  Very uncomfortable w/ leg very sore.
Monday (March 9) 6.2 miles (snowmobile trails) (49:50).  Still very tight/sore.  Stayed flat and soft on the trails.
Tuesday (March 10) 10 miles (roads) (65:05).  Still very tight/sore.  Ran a hilly loop and really worked this one to try to shake loose but it probably made things worse.
Wednesday (March 11) 10 miles (roads) (1:11:23).  Still very tight/sore.  Went flat and easy on the roads. Both calfs actually sore this time.
Thursday (March 12) 6 miles (mill) (45:00).  Same deal.  Manageable but hamstring is the main issue right now.  Very easy run on the mill to avoid a day off...but backing way off.
Friday (March 13) - 5 miles (roads) (35:17).  Still not the best but getting through runs to at least get some work in and not sit on my backside.  Backing off and trying to give the body time to bounce back.  Still up until today, toying with trying to do a race in the morning.
Saturday (March 14) 5 miles (mill) (40:00).  Got up early to test out the legs and maybe head down to a race but it was a good decision to stay put.  Waited until very late in the day and ran a VERY easy short run on the mill.
Sunday (March 15) 5 miles (mill) (40:00).  Same deal as yesterday.  Waited until the end of the day and jogged on the mill.  Took this week as a down / rest week in between the snowshoe and road season.  Had to convince myself to stop obsessing over numbers and just do right by my body and let it heal.

47.2 miles for the down week but no days off.  Actually got outside a couple times so by proxy, I got over 1800ft of gain for just going down the street from my house.  Looking forward to the spring for sure.  Right now the temps are low, the snow is still occasionally flying, the wind is howling, and my hamstring is still an issue but it's a lot better than it was a week ago...and I've been doing all the necessary things (short of taking time completely off) and I think the more I get outside and run the roads / trails, the sooner this will go away.

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