Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19 (Thursday)

February 19 (Thursday) - Another snowstorm rolled through town yesterday and then it snowed like crazy this afternoon.  It's starting to look like Worcester out there (minus all the stink).  10 miles at lunch on the treadmill at the Mill nice and easy.  Then later on, another 6 miles on the mill.  16 miles on the day.

Throwback Thursday: Here's a result for you... The St. Charles Children's Home 5k in Portsmouth, NH from 2009.

Notice who was 3rd and who was 9th.  9th place was just an 'average guy with exceptional hair'...  Eric (spelled wrong in the results) Jenkins from Portsmouth... Who now runs for the University of Oregon and is a bonafide stud.  He ran a 7:44.91 this past weekend in the 3k, which was just off the American Collegiate Record (owned by Galen Rupp) and puts him currently 2nd in the World this year in that distance and puts him 5th all time in NCAA history.  Pretty incredible.  But back on September 7, 2009, when he was a young 17 year old, I kicked his ass.

Video of the 2009 race (Jenkins is the first person you can see come into frame when the race goes by...wearing his maroon Portsmouth HS singlet.)  There's also some sweet footage of me blowing his doors off at the finish.  But seriously, the kid is a serious talent.  I'm just glad he's way out in Oregon and probably won't waste time running any races I'll be at anymore :)

Video below of Eric and Will Geoghegan being interviewed after the quick 3k this past weekend.  I like Eric's response to the first dumb question of 'Who are you'...

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