Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13 (Friday)

February 13 (Friday) - The first of 3 'Friday the 13th's' this year (March 13th and November 13th being the other two).  Hit up the mill at lunch for a pedestrian 6 miles very easy.  It was a beautiful brisk day out but I opted for the warmth and solitude of the Mill.  A lady bug flew right into my mouth near the end of the run, during a deep inhale, and slammed right into my uvula.   8.7 miles later on with Kevin Tilton and his fresh new haircut around the streets of Center Conway.  The infamous 'Stark Road Loop' as it's called by the locals and carnies.  Nice and easy.  Cold as a witches t*tty in a brass bra though and the wind didn't make it any better.  It was strange running outside...Even stranger to run after work and have most of it be in actual daylight.  I am loving the longer days...  14.7 miles for the day.

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  1. That's what that dangly thing is called..gross.