Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11 (Wednesday)

February 11 (Wednesday) - 15 miles on the mill after work in 1:38:45.  Started easy and slowly rolled into it, upping the tempo as I went along.  Last 8 or so miles at 6:15 pace.  36 days until Spring.


  1. haha..things were getting a little out of control on the hair front... Not sure how Newbould and those guys deal with the longer hair and running...

  2. Not something I've had to worry about for a number of years; just letting the beard come and go as it pleases. Pretty sure Brandon rocks the only tail most of the time - haven't seen that one on you before, but I would love to have the skills to PhotoShop something together...or maybe you could patch on the DD rat tail when you're wearing the headband...