Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5 (Monday)

January 5 (Monday) - Haven't been strutting that ass much lately.

I've been sick as balls for over a week now. Was at the doctors finally today and am on antibiotics and some other pill for my congestion and cough.  This is one of the worst 'colds' I've ever had.  Not sure if it was ever (or is) the flu...they didn't check as it was really a hospital visit for my two girls who are both about as sick as it gets.  The doctor treating them actually looked at me afterwards because she knew I was a mess, and she wrote me prescriptions as well, which is awesome.   I missed 3 days out of 7 last week and ran the other days probably against better judgement.  One of those runs outside probably made me sicker.  Good thing it's only January...also my legs feel great...but the rest of me is a mess.  The good news is that due to my condition over the past week, I've dropped down close to my 2008/2009 race weight...

6 miles at lunch today (I'm officially back to work).  Then another 5 miles after work.  Both really easy.  11 total on the day.  Just trying not to be a lump of sh*t.

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